AIMC Login Failure

fred lewis 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 13 years ago 4
Good Day Sitepal,

I'm a Gold account user and I have been trying for more than a week to login to my AIMC account, but my login fails and instead I'm being logged in as a guest. There is no facility in my AIMC to switch from guest to my user account. Several months ago I was able to successfully login to my AIMC account and build an AI bot but that is no longer the case, as even the AI bots that I previously built can no longer respond to questions.

I contacted customer support last week but they seem to be having a difficult even diagnosing the the problem. If possible, would like someone to actually login and test my account before telling me that it is fixed.

Below is a transcript of the last communication with customer support.


fred lewis

Hi Dan,

I did clear my cache and cookies, however once I arrive at the AIMC landing page it does not have a pulldown menu that gives me the option to switch accounts.

What I see is:

Visitor: Guest User
Current Account: 31

There is a drop down box next to Current Account with the #31 inside, but it does not allow me to chance users.

Why don't you try logging into my account and see for yourself.

Also when I click on Edit Scenes Im taking to a page that displays some of the bots/scenes I have. The Hope Master Bot used to work in the AI mode but now when I try to type in questions I get no audio or text response from the bot.

The bot can be previewed here: https://vhss.oddcast.com/admin/previe...

On 4/14/2011 4:16 AM, Oddcast, Inc wrote:
> Update for Case #628697 - "SitePal - f.lewis@fiarthalliance.orgrste -"
> Hi,
> I am showing that this has been repaired. Note that in the AI interface, you need to use the pull down to move from demo to personal account. Please clear your cookies and cache and try the interaction again. Let me know if you have any further trouble.
> -Dan
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> From: f.lewis@firstearthalliance.org
> Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 12:50 am EDT (GMT-04:00)
> Subject: SitePal - f.lewis@fiarthalliance.orgrste -
> "Hi Support,
> I need to be able to login to my AIMC account and every time I try I'm logged in as guest instead. I have explained below:
> Before I tried to access AIMC I was already logged into my SitePal Gold Account at: http://sitepal.com/
> Once I was logged into sitepal I was directed to this page: https://vhss.oddcast.com/admin/homepa...
> I then clicked on the AIMC link in the menu bar at the top of the page and I was directed to this login page: https://ai.oddcast.com/login.php
> I then filled in the user email and password and I was directed to this email: https://ai.oddcast.com/index.php Upon arrival at this page I noticed that I was logged in as a "Guest" and I was given the message
> "Welcome to the AI Management Center.
> You are logged in as a Guest to our Demo account to allow you to review the AIMC.
> You do not have permissions to make changes.
> To gain access access a fully functioning AIMC environment,
> you need to upgrade your account."
> This is my Gold member email account
> f.lewis@firstearthalliance.org
> Pls help.."
aimc login failure
Fred -
I'm sorry you are experiencing a problem.

In response to your original post - our QA team ran a complete review of AIMC account creation and setup. We were not immediately able to identify a problem.

Our support engineer is looking into this issue right now & will contact you shortly. Thanks for your patience.
SitePal Team
Fred -
To my knowledge the problem was resolved.
Let us know if you still experience any difficulty.
SitePal Team
Morning Gil,

I sent the below message to Dan at SItepal support last week but still no response. Perhaps you can help??:

"I think we are good to go on everything now. However, in regards to the phone number, I followed your instructions and looked at every page of my account and the Invoices and I still don't see a phone number for support. Please just send me the number or give me the exact URL for the number.

Also, using our Gold account can we personalize the AI properties of the individual scenes. For example: can different scenes/bots have their own individual names? Such as one bot named Susan, another named Joe and another James, etc? Or..., does that require an upgrade.


When using dynamic text features such as our sayText API call or our AI functionality, you must declare a 'Licensed Domain.' This can be done by clicking the 'Define Domain' link at the bottom of the 'Account Info' tab. Phone number should be on your invoices and in the main control panel. If you would like to try out platinum features you can upgrade the account. This should be a free upgrade. You will have to contact support to have the account returned to Gold if you decide not to use the higher package level. -Dan Please let me know if you require further assistance with this feature.<<<<<<
Hi Fred -

I'm glad the implementation is working out. Regarding your questions -

Gold and Platinum Phone Support: 1-866-840-3360 M-F 9AM to 6PM EST

As for multiple Bots - yes we support that feature - but not at the Gold level (this is a Pro/Studio level feature).

Please bring it up when you talk to our rep & see how we can help you.
Hope this helps,

ps. I checked with support - seems your ticket was lost in the shuffle - sorry about that.