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To Cancel the Free Trial with My Refund

WTZ 8 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 3


I started my trial version yesterday but SitePal functions a bit differently from I expected, therefore I terminated the service.

I was checking my card info just now and there is still a SitePal charge under my ""Authorized Transactions" I hope this will be refunded to me and also SitePal will not continue charging me for the service that I have already stopped using.

I've been looking through some of the forum posts and a lot of people are experiencing the same problem. but i never see anyone post a resolved update.... or nobody answered back my email sent to SitePal teams. ...

Just want a confirmation about the translation and will also consult my card company.

thank you

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Hi -

When you sign up we run an authorization on your card to that we may (subsequently) bill you in 15 days time.

The authorization may show up on your statement, and may result in a temporary hold - placed by your cc provider. This causes some people to think that we actually billed them - but we did not. Nor are we holding anyone's money.

The authorization automatically expires if not used - so you need not worry.

To elaborate a bit further (for anyone having the patience to read more) - you may wonder why you don't see a similar authorization transaction with some other online services. Well, that's because those services hold on to your cc details and use that information to bill you at a later time. That approach can be very convenient for the customer, but we decided that not holding on to your cc info is the better choice. The authorization method is the alternative.

Thanks for understanding.


The SitePal team.

Hi Gil,

Thank you for your quick response. I think the transaction just easily make people panic about money lol. But I fully understand that it is the company policy to process like this.

Another note is, i think you may know, that is that possible to download/export the text-to-speech to mp3. wav. formats?

Thank you.

We provide a TTS service, independent of SitePal that provides this capability.

Please send a note to sales@oddcast.com and we will get back to you with more info.