Pandorabot with SitePal/VHost - still possible (or not)?

Andrei Achim 10 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 10
Hi, is there a(ny) way to link my pandorabot to my SitePal account? I had that cca. 2004-2006, now I'm revisiting my bot and things are all different (and much more expensive!). If my question is not clear: I have a pandorabot and a Silver SitePal. I want to make a simple page where there's an avatar, a form for people to chat and the avatar would take the answer from the chatbot and speak it (via TTS). Thanks.
Yes that is possible.

Send us your PB user id (your login) and your SitePal login, and we will link the two accounts together for you to enable exactly what you asked.

Send to support@sitepal.com

Excellent. Thank you so much for the prompt reply.


I see this post is a couple years old. Still able to link SitePal to Pandorabots?



Yes - this information still applies

Sounds good, thanks. I will send the info over.


I have just seen this post. I know it is a couple years old. Still able to link SitePal to Pandorabots?I'm trying to create a chatbot on Pandorabot but I'd like to customize it with the avatar I have created on SitePal.

Another question is: Could I develop the chatbot with the new avatar? I'd like to do as Andrei explained for my Final Thesis.


María Jesús

Hello Maria - Glad to hear it.  

How was this addressed?  



Is it still possible to link Pandorabots to SitePal?

You can easily link them yourself.

Pandorabots bot can be accessed via http API.

From your page - 

* collect input from user

* initiate http call to pandorabots - retrieve text response

* use SitePal sayText API call to have the character speak the response.

Hope this helps - let me know how goes,


The SitePal Team