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Fernando 11 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil 11 years ago 3
Can Anyone Help Me Out! I tried using the 15 day trial so i put my card and they charged 9.95 when you guys said it was free of charge and I can't even use it because its not showing.
Fernando -

Your credit card was not charged, but only authorized. Depending on the CC company, an authorization might appear on the CC statement as "funds held" - but I assure you that you were not charged & *we* are not holding your money (it's the CC company).

This hold that the CC company may have imposed will automatically disappear within several business days, and if you cancel your subscription within the Free Trail period you will never be charged. Furthermore, even if you decide to proceed past the 15 day Free Trial, and we do charge your CC - you would still have 30 additional days to ask for your money back "for any reason" - a policy which we honor religiously.

I hope this helps set your mind at ease.

Regarding the problem you are experiencing - "SitePal not showing" - please send a note to our support at - support@sitepal.com, and include a link to your page in which you embedded your SitePal avatar, and we will do all we can to advise and assist.

SitePal Team

Ok, Thanks but why is it deducting it from the card tho? sorry
Fernando -
I am sorry that this has caused you concern.
Let me know how we can further assist.