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What is the maximum number of audio file uploads allowed?

Eric 9 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated 9 years ago 0
What is the maximum number of audio files (uploaded mp3 files - not streams) that can be uploaded in a Bronze account? I am getting an error saying that I have reached the maximum amount of audio files for my account and that I must delete some in order to continue.
What is the maximum for Bronze? What is the maximum for Silver, Gold or Platinum?
Could I work around this by having two Bronze accounts?
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Removing Avatar From Web Site

Al Stevens 9 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Jesse 9 years ago 1
how do i remove an avatar from my web site. I decided I do not like the floating version of it.
remove avatar delete avatar
Jesse 9 years ago
Hi Al,

All you ever have to do to remove the avatar from your site is to remove (delete) the embed code that was used to embed the avatar.

If you'd like to change your SitePal scene, from a "floating" scene to an embedded scene (which is a scene that is inserted within your Web page, and not floating over it), you can do the following:

1. Log in to your account and go to the "Shows" tab.
2. Find your scene in your scene list and click "Publish".
3. Select "Embed in Web Page".
4. Choose "In-Page Embedding" and not "Overlay Embedding" - select "Click Here to Embed".
5. Follow the directions to get your code, paste the code on your page, where you'd like the scene to show up.

Good luck!

Money Back

Fernando 6 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil 6 years ago 3
Can Anyone Help Me Out! I tried using the 15 day trial so i put my card and they charged 9.95 when you guys said it was free of charge and I can't even use it because its not showing.

saytext - options ?

SCHAAL 7 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil 7 years ago 1
What are the options saytext?
end of the sentence (pause)
End of Paragraph

saytext option

saytext not speaking Spanish or Russian

Darren 4 weeks ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 4 weeks ago 3


I have saytext speaking English (sayText(txt,6 ,1 ,2)) and German (sayText (txt,3,3,2), but when I try and get it to speak Spanish (sayText (txt,1,2,2)) or Russian (sayText (txt,1,21,2)) it does not speak and I get no error message. 

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


Gil Sideman 4 weeks ago

Darren - 

Both work fine for me - I just tested it with same parameters you provided.

No immediate idea what happened - please try again and let me know.

If it still does not work - please provide precise text used and I'll look into it further.



The SitePal Team


I have signed up with Bronze, and free trial..but cannot do anything...Cannot change face, cannot record voice, cannot test head...I cannot afford Gold, and Bronze is for what???

Maggi Carstairs 4 months ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 4 months ago 2

Looks like Bronze is very basic....

I have downloaded flash, set up headphone for voice recording..

Looks like I will never be able to download my head....If I can amend the faces somewhat to sort of resemble me, it will be Ok..otherwise, I may have to stop wasting my time...

Please help, or tell me what to do... So far I cannot do anything...

Gil Sideman 4 months ago

Hello Maggi!

That does not sound quite right. Yes - Bronze is limited.

But it does allow you to select from a large collection of models (hundreds), including all our built-in 3D models, and customize them, to the extent possible with accessories.

It also allows you to record your own voice, or upload recorded audio from your computer for the character to speak.

You may publish and embed your character freely - no publish option is blocked; and you can create multiple Scenes to embed on multiple pages of your site, each one different from the other.

If you are having a problem with any of these features - we are here to help, and please ask me, or contact our support via the support page.

You are right in pointing out that the Photoface feature (to create your own character from a photo) is unavailable in Bronze. It is an advanced feature reserved for the Gold plan or higher. But that still leaves you plenty that you can do.

Hope this helps,


The SitePal Team

Not a bug

unable to record message by phone

Gary Nako 1 year ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 12 months ago 2

Am trying to record my message by (Skype) phone. After I dial in, the system prompts me to enter my ID.  After I do and press the # key, it still keeps saying, "System is waiting for your response" - no matter how many times I enter it.  Please advise.

Gil Sideman 12 months ago

Hello Gary - 

I am sorry about the inconvenience. Please send a note to and include your user login (email) and we will look into it and clear this up.



The SitePal Team


insert character in power point 365

Alain 2 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 2


I ve tried to insert character sitepal in power point by "insert video"... it doesn't work.
I 've also tried to install plug in sitepal wizard, it doesn't work...

please help me !!

Thank you.

Gil Sideman 2 years ago

Alain - 

Check out the instructions in this document, page 11 -




Where is "Flash Embed Code?

microbe_whisperer 2 years ago in SitePal Bronze updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 2
Gil Sideman 2 years ago

The Flash Embed code is still available, but no longer available at the top level as it once was.

Please select "Embed in Web Page" and then select "Flash" from one of the options on the left.