Objectionable words listing - how to get a text file uploaded, or easily create aiml from the text file

Cyber Bot Master Mark 12 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by anonymous 12 years ago 4
I have a list of over 10,000 words or phrases that are considered to be objectionable, not polite, unkind, profane, etc. How can I QUICKLY get this to become AIML?
bad naughty objectionable
Master Mark -
What do you want to happen? What's the desired functionality?
SitePal Team
This is going onto a business website. I need to find a way to promptly give a warning to website visitors who use profanity, vulgarity, racist, or other inappropriate word choices. I've found some listings, but they're really lacking. The list that I did find, is in a .txt format, which doesn't seem to let me go in and do an edit, nor an upload, of all of the various words from that .txt file.

not sure how I can help...
Mark, I bet you could get a solution for this issue on the Chatbots.org AI Zone forum http://www.chatbots.org/ai_zone .