Text-to-Speech: Three (3) New Languages

Jesse 13 years ago in SitePal Studio 0
As part of SitePal's ongoing mission to give our customers an ever-expanding selection of options, we're happy to say that we've recently added three (3) new languages to our text-to-speech* (TTS) platform, bringing the total to thirty (30) different languages!

SitePal's New TTS Languages:
1. Indonesian (voice: Damayanti)
2. Romanian (voice: Simona)
3. Hungarian (voice: Eszter)

SitePal's text-to-speech enables users to type in their message, in one of many languages, select a voice, and have their animated avatar read the text aloud (browse more community discussions about text-to-speech). Text-to-speech is the most widely-used audio option for SitePal avatars.

To see SitePal's text to speech feature in action, try one of the following:
- SitePal's text-to-speech translator - Type in your text, choose the language you want to translate to and from, and SitePal will both translate it, and speak it!
- SitePal's text-to-speech widget - Create and share an avatar message using TTS.
- SitePal's Demo editor - Try SitePal's full-feature demo to create a custom avatar. Then, send it to your friends!

*Note that the text-to-speech feature is available from the Silver package and up. For a comparison of SitePal packages, visit www.sitepal.com/packages.
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