PHP Based Avatar Responding Robot.

dopors 12 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 12 years ago 5
Hi, i wanted to implement a PHP base avatar talking site.
The students will have to type in the questions and then AI will get an answer and feed that to the avatar. Is this possible in PHP? How can i control this?

let say i have a php

i have a php with frame for example. the top frame is where the avatar is.
below are edit box and submit button.
Let say WHen student type in their question and click the submit button.
Avatar would then speak from that question.

Is this possible?



Dondon -

yes - this is entirely possible.

You can use our JavaScript API call "sayAIResponse" to make this work.

See a working example here -

Click on "see the source code" at the bottom of the page to see how this was put together. Feel free to copy paste the code from the example to your own page.

To make this code work in your page, you will need to -
* Embed your own Scene instead of our demo Scene
* setup your domain as a "licensed domain" - to allow the functionality to work on your web page. This can be setup on your "Account Info" page.

btw - you do not need to use PHP to create this page, but you may do so if you prefer.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
Hi, i copied the code and save it in my local webserver. i use xampp but it doesn't work anymore. Is this proctected right? If i use the scene from my account will this work? the sample scene loads but the "Ask AI engine" button is not working anymore. Could you give me an example. Actually i have an account but i refunded it. I will activate it as soon as i can get this to work.
Well -
you cannot get the sample code to work on your own web page - because the Scene is coming from our "demo" account which is not setup to support your domain.
You need to use your own account, and you must define a "licensed domain" - to allow usage on your web page (i.e. www.yourcompany.com)

If you send us a note to support@sitepal.com - with your account ID or email - we will reactivate your account for you to allow you to work this out.

Hope this helps,
i have already activated my account. where can i define a licensed domain. we already have a domain. i'll email you the details. is it okay if we have many domains. i will just add it later? i have a domain then is it okay to add IP address where we use IP address as a test server?
Dondon -

You define "licensed domains" in your "Account Info" section (after logging into your account select Account Info from the main menu)

You need to add any domain that you want your AI implementation to work on - for example - www.takibari.com
There is no need to add the path. Only the domain name.
Yes - you can use ip addresses, this may make sense for testing, if you need to access the site by typing an ip address into the browser address bar.
but is not necessary past the development stage - as end users will never access your site via an ip address.

btw - for the benefit of others reading this - specifying a licensed domain is only required if one is using dynamic TTS audio.