AIMC Bot not working properly

gianlombard 12 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
I built a scene as well as an avatar bot according to the video directions. The avatar works properly within Sitepal. The problem is; When I publish the scene to my website, the scene comes up properly but when I type questions into the text box the avatar does not respond. Once again, the bot avatar responds to any question I type into the text box withing Sitepal, but not on my website. I would appreciate any response. I have sent this question into the Sitepal help desk and have not received any reply as of yet.

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Please verify that you have a licensed domain defined for your site's domain.
You setup your licensed domains from your "Account" page.
If that does not help - please post a link to your page where the problem is evident - and I will take a look & advise.

SitePal Team
I did not realize that I had to setup a domain. Thank you for advising me. Everything is working well now!

Thanks again
Happy to help!
Yes, the domain setup is required for your security when using dynamic TTS - such as the AI implementation. We might need to do a better job of making that clear.