Accessories and phone support.

Nikkilyn 12 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 12 years ago 7
Why can't I add accessories? Also, my plan includes phone support, but I can't locate your customer service number. Thanks :-)


Nikkilyn -

The phone number is displayed at the top right area after you login to your account.

Adding your own accessories is unfortunately not supported. If you need a custom accessory - our production department can create it for you for a fee. Please send a note to sales@sitepal.com & let us know what you had in mind.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team

Not my own, the tabs don't work to change clothes, hairstyle, skin and hair...
No phone number listed on my account page; nor can I find any listing on your site. Also, please let me know when the editor will be fixed. I am not covered under the 15-day trial.
oh - I see
You need to select a 2D character to use accessories. 3D characters do not support them.

Tel - 866-840-3360 9 to 6 EST

Oh, OK. Thanks so much, Gil. :-)
Have a great evening! -Nikkilyn
I tried the 2D... I LOVE this! Thanks for your quick response., Gil.