When does the upgraded package start to function?

Winstone Choi 10 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 10 years ago 3
I purchased Gold Package and its expiration date is due on 25th of June. Today, I found that my Gold Package's stream is empty. So I upgraded my account (4179769) onto Platinum (1 year purchase) and paid for that. (Invoice # 5385578). But my account's stream is still empty. When does upgraded Platinum package start? Does it start from 25th of June? Do I have to refill some streams for me to use my account until Gold Package's expiration date comes? If I want to activate my Platinum Package right not, What should I do?

I see from your usage pattern that the Platinum package is definitely the right choice in your case - it will be more economical than purchasing additional streams each time they run out (and more convenient)

It does take a few minutes or more for a Platinum upgrade to be applied to your account and affect your Scenes. You may also need to refresh your browser or clear browser cache in order to see it working.

I reviewed your account and I noticed that immediately after you made the Platinum upgrade you made additional stream purchases as well as a a second annual extension.
Because the Platinum package comes with *unlimited* streams, there should not have been any need for you to purchase streams after you upgraded.

We will refund these additional purchases for you - our support team will send you a note with detailed information about the purchases being refunded.

I assume everything is working properly now? if you still see a problem please clear your browser cache.

Best Regards
SitePal Team
Thanks for your kind support!

Today, I got a message from my card company that shows my double payment for the VOKIE product. I was worried and came to Sidepal and found out that you had already given a correction to my payment. Thanks much again~ ^^