How to run Javascript inside AIML template

Hamed 11 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil 11 years ago 1
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I have run into an issue using AIML along
with a SitePal agent. Currently my AIML code accepts
some input. I than use Javascript to manipulate that
input as shown below. AIML than sends a response to
the SitePal agent.

help equation *

Based on this word problem here are the
values that you need to focus on

The problem I am having is that when the response is
sent back to the SitePal agent actually speaks the
The agent will say "var equation ="star />"........
Hello Hamed -
Can you post a more complete example of a response the agent might receive that includes JS code? This will help us get a better idea & advise.
SitePal Team