Valencian and Catalan are the same language

puigvertm 13 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil 13 years ago 2
Dear colleagues i like your site but there is an error in your languages drill down options. Valencian and catalan are the same language. In fact Valencian is a catalan dialect as it can be the argentinian or mexican spanish (well represented in the selection options). So if you want to be philologically rigorous you should have the two languages (valencian and catalan) related in the same selection option.
kind regards
Marc Puigvert
valencian catalan language


Marc -
Thanks for setting the record straight! This is indeed a misclassification. When we introduced the Valencian dialect voice, we should have introduced it as as a dialect of Catalan as you point out.

With this mistake implemented - it is unfortunately a bit of a bother to correct. Language and voice IDs need to be updated without creating a problem for customers that use them.

So please bear with us - we will make this change in a future update when possible. Thanks again!

SitePal Team
Marc -
We updated our list of languages to correctly reflect that Valencian is a dialect of Catalan.
Thanx for calling our attention to it.
SitePal Team