Using SitePal in Adobe Captivate

cjasato 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Artur Trzebunia 11 years ago 4
I'm trying to use a character in a Captivate project. I'm using the Flash instructions but have not been able to get it to play in Captivate. Any assistance would be appreciated.
As long as the swf is as3 you should be able to import it as an animation in Captivate 5 or 5.5. If however you are using an earlier version of Captivate you'll need to make sure the AS3 version of the Captivate Project is set to the same AS3 version as your SitePal SWF. hope that helps.
This reply seems to assume that SitePal "embed units" are standalone swf objects - and that is not the case.
Unfortunately there is no good way to directly import SitePal characters into captivate.

You could try screen capture to a movie - record your SitePal Scene, save as a swf and then use it in captivate.

Seems like your best bet.
I've been able to add a sitepal scene to Captivate 6, but it won't scale. I create each scene using Flash and AS3 and then publish it to a .swf, which I then add to a slide in Captivate. However, when in Captivate, the AS3 code that scales down my avatar scene doesn't seem to be recognized. Any ideas?
I really need to find a solution to this, and I think I'm so close...
I'm able to add a SitePal scene to Captivate 6, and here's how:

1) Copy the AS3 code from SitePal when publishing to Flash
2) In Flash, add the code as suggested in SitePal and publish the .swf
3) Insert the .swf as animation into Captivate 6 slide(s)

The problem I run into is that the animation in Captivate 6 does not scale the way it does in Flash. It almost seems that Captivate does not recognize a portion of the AS3 that deals with scaling, but it obviously does recognize some of the code because the avatar scenes show up. Here's a screenshot of the scene in Captivate 6, then in browser (Chrome) once published, and also my AS3 code in Flash. Can anyone help me resolve this? At the very least, is my AS3 code right?