Sitepal Avatar on Tomcat Server is not working properly

Hamed 11 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated 11 years ago 2

I faced with a problem when I want to deploy my web application on a server.
I build a web app that embedded the sitepal avatar. I test it on my local host and it works properly. But when I deploy it on a server and I run it from another machine, the avatar is not working. Actually the avatar loads properly but it does not say anything when I call the sayAIResponse("Text",3,1,3); function.

Any Idea?

Hello Hamed -
The problem may be related to setting up a licensed domain. sayAIResponse and sayText *require* setting up the domain (in your AccountInfo page).
More detailed information is available here - http://www.oddcast.com/support/docs/v...
Hope this helps - let me know
SitePal Team
Thanks Gil.
That is exactly what I needed.