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Internet Explorer Browser Problem!

이현철 8 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 18

hi~ i'm platinum gold user.

TTS does not work.

For example,

URL : http://www.oddcast.com/support/saytext_fullbody.html

Windows 7, XP , Internet Explorer 9 ==> TTS does not work.

Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11.4 ==> TTS work.

Today we suffered these symptoms.

Our customers are experiencing discomfort.

Please solve quickly.

Under review


This should be all fixed now - please let me know if you are still seeing a problem.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


we are still seeing a problem!!!

not fixed!!

please check one more!!!

this is capture of windows7, explorer 9

when we click <click me>, it doesn't work.

it worked last night, but suddenly today morning came up that problem.



We will look into it & advise.



windows7 chrome browser is TTS good work! (avatar ok. tts ok)

but. internet explore is TTS does not work! (avatar no. tts no)

Our customers are experiencing discomfort.Please solve quickly.

Please solve quickly.

Does this problem only happen on IE version 9?

Does this problem happen only for Full Body character?

Please let us know.



Sitepal Question :
Does this problem only happen on IE version 9?
Does this problem happen only for Full Body character?
Please let us know.
My Answer :
this problem happend : IE7, IE8, IE9
(Avatar => Full Body, Short Body => Both occurred)

good operation : IE10, IE11, chrome

checking way :

[ PC Environment : WindowsXP or Windows7 IE7, IE8, IE9 ]

1. Go to sitepal.com


3. Go to [Dynamically Call Text-to-Speech] example!

5. Checking Avatar & TTS ..

==> Does not work.

summary & opinion:

1. Many people are still on XP or Windows7

Also Windwos-XP does not support only IE version 8 or less.

Our customers are still many Windows XP, 7 users.

2. I've found that this happen suddenly, it seems there were some issues in the development SITEPAL.

3. I Platinum Gold Member the sitepal for two years.

4. A few days ago it has suddenly occurred.

5. Our customers are experiencing discomfort.

6. This issue is important in our business.

7. Please solve in a short time.


Hi -

We understand the importance of continued support for outdated browsers.

We are in the process of installing updates to the SitePal player, to support non-Flash playback on all desktop and mobile browsers.

At this point the deployment is not yet exposed to our customers and was not meant to affect customers in any way. Apparently the IE 9 and older platforms were missed. Very sorry for the inconvenience - this will be addressed tomorrow (Monday).

Thanks for your patience,


Hi - Gil.

When will the bug will be corrected?

I must inform the schedules to our customers.

This has been corrected for IE9.

How significant is IE8 support for your business?

Let me know,


I greatly appreciate you for your work for us.

However, there is still a bug in IE9.

It created a video to prove it.


(IE9 is the first video and the second is Chrome.)

IE9 Environment : Windows 7 - IE9 (VER 9.0.8112.16421) Update: RTM (KB982861)

If you tell us if you need my help for testing.
I will be happy to help.

OK, thank you once again.

Noted. I clearly see the problem in the video.

Our team will look into it and advise tomorrow.

Hi -

We saw your video, we tried to recreate the problem today - but we could not recreate. See example video . Sitepal-IE9.zip

We think the problem may be related to the "Browser Mode" - in IE 9 you can select the browser mode - and if not set to IE9 it may be the reason this is not loading for you.

please look into it and let me know

In the next few days we will be working to add support for IE8 as well.



Some PC IE10 does not work. (Windows7)

Please try again.

We have made a further update and we believe the problem for older versions of IE is now cleared up.

Let me know.


TTS has improved.


But. CLASSIC MODE does not work!

(windows7, explorer 9)

Yes we are aware.

Will let you know when classic is resolved for older versions of IE9.

Problem has been fixed.

Classic characters should now work correctly on older versions of IE (IE9 and older).

Please verify.

I saw your video.

And I have followed exactly.

I found that strange.
So I took the video.

In normal operation mode is TTS deos not work! , the developer mode will work(F12).

I still continue to receive the phone inconvenience to our customers.

I hope variants resolved quickly.