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Reseller Agreement

Trevor 8 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 1

I have been trying to inquire about a resellers agreement with SitePal. I have emailed on 8/12 and 8/15 without a response (resellers@sitepal.com). I then emailed support@sitepal.com on Friday and haven't received a response. I’m hoping somebody can help me.

We have been using SitePal avatars for a few years now and have developed some pretty neat projects. We would now like to see about becoming a reseller.

I went to upgrade my account, but it only offers the next pricing level (we are currently at Gold). Since we currently have an active account is there a way to upgrade to reseller status, or do we have to start a new account?

My account email is trevor.rasmusson@americansentinel.edu

Under review

Hi Trevor -

I responded directly by email.