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Mary 8 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 7 years ago 4

I emailed customer support two days ago about some difficulty I was experiencing embedding an avator into a PowerPoint presentation. I have not heard from them yet. Has anyone else experienced this kind of delay? Is there a way to talk to a representative directly? If so, how?

Under review

Hi Mary -

This is not typical. We normally respond on the same day - or the next business day at worst. However emails sometimes are diverted to spam and we miss them. I'll have support look for your email - but please resend now to support@sitepal.com.




Gold and Platinum customers have access to our phone support.

Hi Mary - the support team reviewed all tickets that came in in the last few days and did not locate your note. Please send again to support@sitepal.com.



Hello, are there humans at SitePal? Some days ago I asked to renew my silver account as bronze (downgrade) while keeping my characters (or moving them to another bronze account I have) but I got no reply.

Some months ago, I had asked if there were discounts at that time, and they did not reply.

Hi - if we did not respond, it is because we did not get your email. We respond to all incoming queries - I guarantee it.

To ensure that your email is not blocked by spam filters - please use our support form here -