I need my export video option activated.

Cindy71 7 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil Sideman 7 years ago 9

I am a platinum member and I've requested my video option be activated to finish a presentation for Monday. I understand I'm suppose to have phone support for platinum but I can't find a number. Please resolve asap. I'm on hold until this is done

Under review

Hi Cindy -

Please send us a note to support@sitepal.com indicating your username (email used to login).

With that we can identify your account and help you out.

Or - you can post it here (and I will delete it later)

The support phone number is displayed at top right within your account (after you login) for Gold and Platinum users. Though phone support is not available on the weekend.



Thank you so much for responding. I was starting to panic to finish my presentation.

cpasley@nd.edu is my username

Cindy -

Video export has been enabled with 60 minutes of video generation allocated. Additional export time beyond the first 60 minutes of export is at additional cost.

When you proceed to publish your Scene, Video Export should now be available to you.

There are multiple options available - I advise to select the highest quality mp4 format for best results and best compatibility (unless you specifically know which format you need).

Hope this helps,


Hi Gil,

I'm not seeing the video option. When I go to publish my scene, only embed in a webpage, embed in flash, publish to Facebook or email are my options. When I go under embed in a webpage, I only have the option to publish to a stand web page or flash. I'm using these instructions to export a mp4.


please advise.

perhaps log out and log in again?

or clear your browser cache?

I see the option in your account.

thank you, that did the trick. I got a warning that my scene can't be export because of TTS audio. What options do I have to export this as a video with audio? I'm inserting this into a google slide presentation.

Sorry about that - I enabled it for your account, should work now.

I was able to export and I think I am good. Again, thank you do much for all your help.