HTML5 not working unless Chromium embedded flash is used

Fred Beckhusen (aka Ferd Frede 7 years ago in SitePal Studio 0

I ported my characters to the HTML 5 version to try to keep my Sitepal useful without Flash, but we still have to load a Flash plug-in to see it.   Its in a game, and the NPC players come on screen at various times to prompt players to advance in quests.

A typical character is at http://www.outworldz.com/pandora/TrekFemale.htm, and they work perfectly in all browsers except the Chromium embedded version that is embedded in the Firestorm viewer for Second Life and Opensimulator.    We still get a "Media Plugin is missing" error with HTML5 .  

If I load the Chromium embedded version of Flash, it works.  This should not be required, yet obviously is.

The support group there says "In order to play Flash format videos (e.g., YouTube videos), you must have the Opera & Chromium version of the Adobe Flash plugin installed. Unless you already have this specific version of Flash installed already, you will need to get the Opera & Chromium Flash plugin from Adobe."

Does HTML5  do a check to see if flash is installed?    That might trigger login in this viewer to block the plugin you use.

Firestorm: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_media