How can I become a tts voice?

Mike Kaiser 11 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by joewalsh 7 years ago 2
Cool site! Is there a way I can upload my own voice to use with the tts? I don't want to record new messages, but rather become one of the voices that can be programmed with tts. Thanks!
tts custom voice talent
Mike -

I'm afraid that's not possible. I agree it would be cool.
But you can record your own voice, and create your own avatar...

Thanks for the enthusiastic comment!

I just saw this and it made me smile. These companies spend vast amounts of money to make these voices, even though the costs have come down. I've read about them doing it for people who have lost their voices (based on past recordings), but it's very expensive. They did this for Roger Ebert before he passed away.