Can you give us the option of no characters at all?

2fast4usuckers 7 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil Sideman 7 years ago 2

There should be an option if someone doesn't want the character.

Under review

Sure. This option exists in the Avatar Studio, which is the enterprise version of SitePal.

The Avatar studio, like SitePal Platinum, offers unlimited usage & access to advanced APIs, but it also offers improved data management for characters, audios and backgrounds for customers who have professional needs. 
The product also enables the ability to create and manage individual administrators, and direct access to a support representative.

Please send a note to sales@oddcast.com for pricing information.

Alternatively - if you are only interested in TTS audio, without our speaking characters, check out our vocalware product at www.vocalware.com.

Hope this helps,