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WLT reduce height of full body avatar

tony jackson 9 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 3

We are using full body avatar in a couple of places on our site and in one place we'd like it to be quite small, circa 220px high. This works fine in Flash mode but fails in HTML5 mode. The body part fails to display and all you can see is the moving mouth. See result here:

This one doesn't work


This one works


Both pages are exactly the same except for the dimensions.

I've tried to see if there's a way to force it smaller. The only thing I've found is quirky. The HTML version is drawn on a canvas with width and height dimensions. However, if you add CSS style of height:220px, (using inspector) then it works properly, it scales down. The problem is that the canvas is generated on the fly using the JS code within an iframe and I can't work out how I can apply the style permanently.

This would be a hack because I'd then have to call different dimensions specifically for non-flash and then scale it down using this CSS hack. Not ideal.

Is there any way that you can get a better way of scaling the HTML5 version below 331px ?



Under review

Hi Tony -

We see the problem - looking into it & will advise asap.


Tony -

Team is on it. I hope to have an update early next week.



Tony -

We looked into it - our conclusion is that this appears to be a bug with Chrome 46 for desktop.

We do not see the problem in other browsers. Let me know if your experience differs.

Furthermore - we tested with pre-release versions of Chrome -

The latest Beta (47) and Canary(48) do not exhibit the bug.

Since Google release Chrome updates frequently, we think this problem will fade away soon (when 47 is released).

Hope this helps,