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C# Windows form application avatar

Ahmed 6 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 9

hello there im a developer who seeks to develop a personal assistant which will intaract with users.

does sitpal provide C# api which allows me to control the avatar from my application ? 

(talking-head movements-eye movements-lips sync)

and if yes ?

is it free?

if no?

how can i try it?

how much does it cost?

thank you.

please mail me with the answer asap


Under review

Hello Ahmed - 

We recommend that application developers using native-code-compiled languages like C# load a 'webview' pane to display and control their character.

In this way it is possible for both desktop and mobile native apps to load and control SitePal characters via the JS API.

Hope this helps, best,


Okay how can i try it?

First - please find out how to load a webview pane into your C# application.

There are numerous examples online. See for example - 


Another MS example explains how to interoperate between your native code and Javascript - 


The above are just random examples I selected, not necessarily the best for your purpose - please look for the examples that work best for you.

Once you are able to load an (internet based) web page into your C# application, and communicate back and forth from the native app to a JS function in the web page, add your SitePal Scene to your web page (copy paste your Scene's embed code from your SitePal account).

Then update your code to invoke SitePal JS API functions in your page as needed.

Hope this helps,


i know how to add a webview for my app

the question is

can i create live scripts?

like controlling where the avatar looks and make it talk with my customized texts in real time ? not as a preloaded script?


If you can communicate between your native and JS code, then you can control the SitePal JS API.

the API documentation is on the support page.

okay can i try it ?

before buying it?

just for 3 days maybe less?

SitePal offers a 15 day Free trial & a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on top of it.

Sign up on the SitePal site & get started.

it keep asking for my credit card information
and this is something i do not want to share with you at the current time.

i have to make sure that it really works as i need then i'll pay

and 250$ a month is alot.

Ahmed - 

Asking for credit card information in advance allows us to bill you in 15 days (unless you cancel). That is our standard model for setting up a 15 day free trial - and a common one.

That said - please send a note to support@sitepal.com - and ask for it to be forwarded to Gil, and I'll set you up with a 15 day free trial without entering your credit card.