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Removing play and pause button

Arindam Ghosh 4 weeks ago in SitePal Platinum • updated 2 weeks ago 4

Hello there,

How can we remove this play, pause, repeat button from the player.


Under review

Hello Arindam,

I understand you would like to control the character directly via the API - presumably you have implemented your own play/pause controls, and do not wish to display the built-in controls.

At present this is not possible. This request has not come up before.

Let me check what we can do to add this feature, I think we should be able to do so in short order.

Please write a note to support@sitepal.com - and make the request & mention my response.

That will enable us to keep a support ticket open - and ensure we get back to you.



Arin - 

Just to let you know - we will be implementing an API solution to remove the play button controls for users who prefer to do that. 

Separately - I don't believe I ever responded to the problem you reported regarding the TTS random failures 2 weeks ago. There was a problem with our engine 4 voices that caused a random failure about 10% of the time. 

That problem was resolved within 24 hours. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Hello Gil,

We are finding this problem very often today .. please let us know whats the reason ... as its affecting our production 

We are looking forward to remove those buttons, please let us know once you make the changes

Thanks - Arin