Interactive iPad app development as demoed in the Odd Avatar app publicized by Odd Cast

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My primary interest in SitePal came as a result of seeing an iPad app called Odd Avatar that demonstrates the interactive avatar along with interactive Text to Speech--exactly what you'd get through the traditional web page implementation. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/odd-a... I can't seem to get interactivity however in my own iPad implementations. I just get video clips that the user must click to play. I have the Gold membership now. Is anyone able to explain what I need to license to get access to the functionality demoed in the Odd Avatar ipad app?
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Joy -

You are correct in your observation that dynamic TTS capability currently does not yet function on iOS. We are working on an update to SitePal that will enable this functionality & will be available later this year.

Until the new update is out - SitePal displays as video on iOS as you pointed out.
Hope this helps clarify.

SitePal Team

glad you liked the Odd Avatar demo!
Thanks for your response Gil. Can you tell me whether the new version of SitePal be implementing HTML5 rather than Flash?
It will be a combination of the two - using Flash where present - but functioning without it when not.

As you probably are aware - many browsers out there do not support HTML5 or support is patchy.

Hope this helps.
Sounds like a comprehensive approach. I'll definitely be looking forward to the release! One more thing--the Odd Avatar app was published in the app store in 2011. Has the release you've mentioned been pushed back several times since then? Just wondering how solid the expectation is that the functionality will be available this year? Thanks very much for your insight into all of this.

OddAvatar was not implemented in HTML5 - hence it was not / is not part of this new development effort.

As with any development effort - timetables slip, priorities may change etc. We have not committed to a date - but as an informal opinion I'd say it will likely happen this year.

I should add for the purpose of setting expectations that we will not necessarily make our current/existing avatars available in HTML5 - but perhaps a "new type" of avatars. Sorry if this seems a bit vague.
Hi Gil,
No worries. I definitely understand dates slipping in development timetables. I'd much rather the product be stable than on time.
I would however have been deeply concerned if the date had slipped by two years. I'm pleased to hear then that the statement in the Odd Avatar app description of how the app was a showcase of SitePal's technology is unconnected to the plans for SitePal's future. I'd like to suggest though that SitePal consider modifying the app description to clarify that the app is not a demonstration of currently available functionality.
Odd Avatar aside, the direction that you've described for SitePal's future seems promising, and I've been quite pleased with what I've seen during my work with the SitePal API in the web version thus far. Best of luck as you all move forward with the upgrades, and I look forward to seeing just how much can be done with these avatars. : )
Hi Gil,

I was wondering how things were progressing with the HTML5 build?


Thanks for checking in.
We are hard at work on it. It's getting closer but still no release date.
Stay tuned.

Thank you for your prompt response, I tried calling you today but couldn't get through, what's a good time?


Personally I have been waiting a good 3 years now for the dependency of sitepal on Flash to disappear and for SitePal to keep up to date with the modern Internet. We have a large percentage of mobile users and its getting to the point that using Sitepal has no value as few even see the character. All our characters implement dynamic text to speech by the way. I've on occasion checked in here on the site to see if there is any news and it is always the same.. 'soon, we are working on it'. Honestly, I get the impression we are being given false hope. My renewal comes up next month. Is it time to move on??

Dave -
We ARE on it. Aim is to launch this quarter.
Should be able to post a demo link soon - that should help ground the discussion.
Any specific dates for either the demo this quarter or the first release? Any release notes, overview or any other write up on what is being released device support, OS support etc.?
Just posted a link to a demo & more information - pls see here -


Very encouraging to see a working demo. Works well on my Android 4 and IPAD.

Thanks Gil!

So now three years later still not working do we have a date yet?
James -
We're close.
if you would write a note to support@sitepal.com we would add you to the list for the Beta if you are interested.
SitePal Team
Yes I have emailed to add me to the list thanks.