Does your TTS program privide speed control function?

Winstone Choi 10 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Sumit 10 years ago 1
2. Second one is speed control function. My customers are mostly Korean elementary school students who wish to learn English as a foreigh language. So English sentences should be read slowly to beginners.If your TTS program provides Speed Control function, that would be very helpful to us.
Dear Winstone,
Using SSML tags can allow you to control the pauses (and other things) in the speech.
Checkout appendix C in the API documentation for a list of tags supported by SitePal. Certain tags control speech rate(speed). You may be able to achieve more precise control.
API Doc: http://www.oddcast.com/support/docs/v...
Sample: http://www.oddcast.com/support/NeoSpe...