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my 3D avatar works well on a computer (it has TTS enabled), but on my Android phone the video and audio work well but the TTS box is not activated. Could you help me? My domain is: www.erubio.org/uoc

Many Thanks

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Hello - 

We're looking into it - can you pls post a link to your page where the problem can be seen?

Also - which Android phone and what version of Android are you using?

This will help us recreate the problem.


Hello - 

Your page is using the deprecated Flash embed code. Flash is not supported on mobile devices.

You need to update your page to properly support AI on all platforms.

Here's what you need to do - 

* Create a new Scene using the new editor

* the new editor no longer supports the "Functional Players" - including the AI Players - which were implemented in Flash.

* instead - you need to implement the AI functionality in your page, by using the sayAIResponse API call.

* we provide a simple technical example - you can copy the source code from this page - 


Using this method your page will work on all desktop and mobile browsers.

Also - you can implement responsive design - using our 'dynamicResize' API call - 

see our technical example here - 

We realize this is a bit of work - but unfortunately it is the price to pay for progress. 

Hope this helps - and let me know if I can further advise or assist.



The SitePal Team

My web: www.erubio.org/uoc

Perfect in computer wirh AI in TTS but not function AI in mobile phone.

My mobile phone is Huawei Mate 9 with Android 9.0.1