SitePal on Mobile Websites?

Rocky Romeo 13 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 26
Am I the only one???? Does sitePal have a MOBILE VERSION of their websites? My website cannot be viewed on ipads, cell phones and other mobile media. It just shows up as a black page with the web address written in blue at the bottom. rockyr@earthlink.net
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This service is not inexpensive. I am losing a significant portion of my potential audience. It gives the message that our site is full of bugs.
As you probably know, iphone and ipad do not support flash playback within browser. This is not an issue unique to SitePal - any flash content does not show up on the ios platform.
We are looking at a solution that would automatically convert the SitePal Scene to video when loaded on ios devices. The implementation will be transparent to you - meaning you will not need to do anything to take advantage of it.
This implementation is still some weeks away. Your feedback is welcome.
SitePal Team
Yes Please and thank you for the response. iPad and iPhone was in my mind when I signed up with SitePal. I'm still in the trial period but will most likely stick with it regardless...but it would be nice...
To overcome the issue, I had our Flash developer create a Flash movie from the SitePal scene and then convert the Flash movie into a movie that would play on Quicktime. It's definitely a lot of work. I appreciate that SitePal is working on this.
Looking forward to this as well as the HTML5 compatibility.. SitePal continues to amaze me!
Any news on this? I just upgraded to gold. I also just bought iPad 2. thank you
We are working on it.
Appreciate your patience - this is one rabbit that is not so easy to pull out of a hat. But it will be magic! :-)
Thanks Gil, your customer service is amazing!
Android would be nice, will that be included in this?
Yes - Android should be supported when this update is shipped.
Is there an update as to where the status of this project is at? We have a client that would require this functionality and are wanting to use your platform if possible.
It will be a bit longer before this update is available. Our best estimate is sometime in the second quarter.

Hope this helps,
How to use Avatar in iPhone?Do you have any reference guide regarding this?

I created a sample Html file and placed the javascript embed code in it,but the Avatar is not loading on iphone altough its working fine on safari and Mac.


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How to use Avatar in iPhone?.
iPhones do not support Adobe flash, which is used in Sitepal to render the avatar. Gil, the support rep mentioned above about a possible method they are working on where they convert their Flash animations to video, and stream them to the viewer to work on handsets.
Hi everyone,

As Gil (our CTO) mentioned, we're working on a mobile solution for viewing SitePal scenes on devices that do not render Adobe Flash applications. We're going to accomplish this by generating a video file when viewed on a mobile device.

The team has made some great progress and we're very close to completing this solution. As we can see by the popularity of this post, SitePal on Mobile devices is a highly anticipated new feature!

We'll release a formal announcement and a newsletter when we have a concrete launch date for the feature (check out www.sitepal.com/newsletter).
I can see and play my site pal on samsung mesmerize, however the scene renders to large. How come the site pal looks to big on the cell phone?
As of today, it is still not coming through on my Android
My avatars don't update om mobile devices once they are created. Still..this has been an amazing attempt and I'm so grateful of your efforts.
Karen, Dave -
Your feeback is helpful and appreciated - we'll be looking into in detail in the coming days - and hope to resolve for most android, iphone & blackbery devices.
Thanks again for your feedback and your patience.
Obviously, Apple does not support Flash. Is there any way round this?

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How to use the avatar on iPads.
This implementation is some weeks ago (11 months before). I think that this service is great, but not a cheap one. I really want to know a launch date. Thank you.
Hi Alexander -

The implementation for mobile devices was launched 5 months ago.
It was revised and finetuned in the first days (as above comments show)

The gist of it - on any device that does not support Flash (i.e. iOS device) - our embed code automatically detects lack of Flash support, and generates a video of the Scene instead of the flash content.

This works on iPhone and iPad, on some Android devices that do not support Flash, blackberry etc.

This will only work when using our Javascript embed code. Of course the video implementation does not support dyncamic API calls, and it also does not support playback on load. But it is much better than the alternative.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
The text to speech conversion does not work on the mobile device or ipad. Do you have any time frame for a full html5 implementation that maintains all features of the current flash version?
Paolo -
No timeframe for that at present.
Folks -
As you may have noticed/heard, and to bring this thread full circle, the new Full Body characters have launched several weeks ago.
The new characters are available to all SitePal customers, for all package levels. To try out the new characters, login to your account, and click on "Add Scene" - then select the Full Body scene type. Edit and publish your scene as you would any other scene (the editing options are different of course).

The new Full Body characters are mobile compatible, and they fully support the SitePal client API, with two exceptions -
1. setVolume does not work
2. playing an audio automatically when the page loads does not work - the character will appear, but the user must click on the play button or on some button that you create (and call the API).
Both issues are due to mobile browser limitations.

If you notice any problems or have comments - please let me know by posting here or write to support@sitepal.com