Can't get anyone to respond

Laureen Ulloa 12 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 11 years ago 20
My company is very interested in your product, but I can't seem to get anyone from the sales or support team to return my emails or calls. Now, I've been charged for the product and don't want to buy it, but I can't get you to refund my money or even respond to my email. It really is a huge shame, because you have a great product - just not the support to back it up. If someone could please respond to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Laureen Ulloa


Laureen -
I'm sorry your correspondence was missed. This is uncharacteristic of our support - we are usually so on top of things.
What email address did you send your note to?
The two relevant SitePal addresses are
and we monitor both carefully. We will look into what happened.

I'll send you a note to your personal email in a minute.
SitePal Team
I had the same issues presale with absolute silence after three emails, decided against best inclination to dive in anyway. Am concerned if there will be any support for a platinum client or not....the site has little blog activity and little in here...it makes one concerned about building out any product with SitePal as a backend. Are they viable? Anyone still there?

A simple post by Gil here helps soften that concern. I hope SitePal realizes being out front these days is critical to perception and sales.

Thanks Gil.
Eric -

We have an active sales team & active support team answering emails all day long. And for gold and platinum customers engaged on the phone as well.

We unfortunately see cases of emails captured by spam filters (both incoming and outgoing) and though we search our spam filters every day - we might miss at times.

Bottom line - we are very much here - and also very concerned about any lapses in our support or sales responsiveness. I'll review the support queue and see where your correspondence went to. Would be helpful to know how you tried to make contact.

And of course - at the end of the day there is this channel as well - which does not suffer from spam filtration :-)

Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.
SitePal Team
It is a case where as a Platinum member, we should get Platinum support. And yet it is the same slow response from just 1 guy (A...) most time no response or 1 week later.

Cant believe it - if we are to abandon using SitePal because of lack of any meaningful support, we would still have waisted countless working weeks.

Please provide an acceptable SLA for your top line product or you may not have renewals.
I am in that boat. I need to feel confidence based upon the support from our vendor.
Dany, Eric -
We are here and we do care and Platinum clients do have unlimited phone support.
However - we are evidently not doing enough to help. I will review with our support team and get back to you either here or directly.
SitePal Team
Dany, Eric -
I looked into it, here's what I found.

Eric -
You sent a note to our Sales on June 23rd. That note was missed - and I do apologize. We do not have a record of any note sent to Support, or any other note from you since June 23rd.
Please let me know how we can help - it will be my pleasure to try to assist.
btw - Sales communication was moved to a new ticketing system last week - as a direct result of your problem report above.

Dany -
We have a record of 10 tickets over some months. Of these 10 tickets, 7 were responded to within 2 days (per our support policy) - in most of cases within a few hours. The three other cases took 3 or 4 days to respond. I looked into each case, and in all of them the delay was due to the need to investigate and refer the issue to engineering for clarification.
I instructed Support to advise the client in such cases that the ticket is being looked at and provide an ETA. I do apologize for not having done so.
Also - kindly allow for the time difference (Korea vs NY) - even in best case scenario you should expect several hours delay.
Regarding your current open ticket - support is looking into it & will advise shortly if not already done so..

BTW - Laureen's case (above in this thread) has been taken offline to a direct discussion between her & me.

Bottom line - we are here & we want to help!
( Eric - please send us another note to sales@sitepal.com - or let me know in this forum how I can help or how to contact you directly )

SitePal Team
I am receiving the same slow response to a support issue (scene loads in website, but AI doesnt respond to query) Initially recieved a response saying that they "refreshed" my account, but it still doesnt work. Posts discuss a phone number for support, but I cant find it anywhere on the site. Meanwhile, I am helpless during my trial period, and still waiting for support to assist with this issue. Help! -Jared
Jared -
Please forgive the lack of response from our support.
Our offices in midtown manhattan were without power since Tuesday and many of our staff without power at home. Our email system was down. Phones were down...

We're just starting to recover - we've just gotten power back 3 hours ago.

Kindly send a note (again) to our support (support@sitepal.com) & we will extend your trial account while we get this issue resolved.

Support phone number is 1-866-840-3360 M-F 9AM to 6PM EST
But that won't be helpful before Monday.

Thanks for understanding.
SitePal Team
Hi Jared,
Sorry for the inconvenience, Your AI is working properly now. Please check your website:


Getting the same no response as before. Noone ever answers the support phone number listing on the dashboard, and the site is down. Getting a mySql error when attempting to login. HELP!
Dying a slow death I fear.
We are aware of the problem.
Jared was able to contact our support (they just got off the phone with him) -
and we're on it.
This will be resolved momentarily.
Eric, Jared -
Problem resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I too am experiencing this same problem...your support stinks!...
I am still waiting for your guys to respond to ticket ##56611##....I guess I will to wait until cows come home for a reply...

It very strange ...you dont seem to be interested in selling your product...at all. Here I am trying to test certain things to see if it works and you not bothered helping...

Wonder who the CEO of this company is?

best rgds
Hi Kish,
I'm sorry we were not able to get back to you right away.
When did you first try to contact us and when did we end up getting back to you?

fyi - our email response time is two days - though we do answer most queries on the same day, and we do our best to answer urgent issues over the weekend.

What is the actual problem you have encountered & what's the current status?

You can check ticket number that i gave above and the number of emails I have sent and see the dates of your responses...

Anyway let move forward and get some my queries answered.

1. I have a sample code and wanted to test the API programming...so I followed the SSML tags as given in the document. When I loaded the tags were not executed but it was spelt out by the avatar...why is this happening? Below is the sample code.

I want to control the pitch/volume/pause of the text string. I coded as shown below to test things out...however when I loaded to playback on my webpage...the Avatar actually says the tags out...meaning it say "/" as slash "P" as P which is from the tag . It doesn't take action on the Tags. I can't seem to find where I am going wrong. Can u please point me what is wrong in the code below:

By the way is for the sentence tag and for the paragraph tag.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">

Oddcast VHost

If you at this page then I can assume you have been assigned with some floor work for this coming regular meeting.

Those who are allocated floor work are strongly encouraged to attend the practice meeting.

If you are unable to carry out the allocated work, kindly inform the Director of Ceremonies at .

Please inform your unavailability immediately so as not to create unnecessary stress on other brethren who will, at the last minute, be called upon to do the work for them.

If no call is received, it will be assumed that the work is accepted and that you will be present at the practice and regular meeting.

So I look forward to seeing you at the practice meeting. Please remember your lines.

Bye and Thank you.',2,1,2);


I sent you 4 queries and when I hit reply button...I dont seem to see all the 4 questions above...and also the code I sent all the tags disappeared and just gave the spoken text as shown above...something went wrong during the submission...
Hi Gil

can u please look at this email with subject title in your support id and answer the same query since submitting here had the above problem.

Re: [##56611##] Silver Premium - FAQs - LATEST.....as of 11th May 2013

Kish -
I followed up with Support - and saw the communication thread, and I understand that your questions have been answered.

Let me know if you're good or if there is any issue still open.