Character Unavailable

Dave Hatz 12 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
I am getting Character Unavailable when I try to preview my scene when trying to publish. The scene works great when I preview the scene. I have a gold account and it is active. Can someone please help point us in the right direction on how to fix this issue?
character unavailable


Can you please post a link to the page where the problem is evident?
We will look into & advise
SitePal Team
Here's the issue -

"Secure Playback" attribute is turned ON for your account.
When you do that, playback will only work on any of the "licensed domains" that you define in your account - it is a security measure.
The domain "topmlmsoftware.com" is not defined as a licenced domain - hence the Scene won't load

Your options -
* Add a licensed domain for "topmlmsoftware.com"
* Turn off "Secure Playback"
Both of these updates can be done in your "Account" page.

As a side note - Secure Playback is not strictly necessary - which is why it is OFF by default . We provide it as an option for your consideration.