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Thank you for your help! You guys are great. Turns out my picture was too high res. That's why the eye was wonky. Mystery solved.

It is not writing to <srai>,  <star>,  "" , tags or anything else.

Yes, I am still experiencing problems. I set the bot into your suggested framework and it does not do callbacks and it does not write to memory/database somewhere. Here is a test readout from Saturday. Can you fix this. 

I do not know what "a link to your test page, where we can see the problem," means. Where is this page?

I answered you two days ago. 

The page and bot looks beautiful. She is not speaking/connecting with the form button and response box 

I received e-mail with the eye fixed. It did look good! and he said he would put it in my list. I still have not seen it in the list.

Whoa, that worked. However someone is hijacking your source code at the link