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I have silver sitepal account can I create audio using this method? 

I tried to login

It shows you don't have special permission how do I get access 

I meant that there is an option available in sitepal to create audio via TTS. Please check the screenshot. Is there a way to do the same via an API from our website? 

Possible to save audio like what we creating audio in the sitepal website?

Can you share the URL or api information to save Audio which is loaded by saytext? 

We able to do that and now it is playing only already recorded audio. If we use window.sayText, it doesn't working properly in ios safari browsers. Could you please update on this? 

Hi Can you help on this? Please check the attached image. When it sends a message to the avatar it returns empty track to play. Let me know what is the reason it showed like this. 

We haven't faced any issues in the react example which downloaded from the support site. It is working fine in safari and other browsers. Possible to get a call to show the code and do demo you?