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As I said before, I want to download the video on my embedding page.

That is, I have to make the video avatar using the sayText() function and have to download it.

Is this impossible?


And I posted the question in detail again.

I am waiting for your reply


sorry, but what is a note?

I already sent all data

My account is Annual Gold. (7505587)

embedding is a success, now sayText() function is running well.

sorry but, what is a note?

I am sending you all information.

domain: embedding URL:

do you want username and password?

If you want , I can send you.

source code:

AC_VHost_Embed(7505587,300,400,'',1,1, 2693458, 0,1,0,'24dfd8e480aa9dfa7689fe6d2c2865e6',0);

function vh_sceneLoaded(){ //event function



function singAsong(){

sayText('I am testing',1,1,3);

sayText('I am very glad to see you',1,1,3);


  • 1 - "I am testing"
  • 2 - "I am very glad to see you"

Click paly again to hear it again.


this is my domain and also video view page.

please check and help me

thank you very much.

1.  In this annual, Can I download the video in my embedded page?

2 . in the sayText() function, there is engine ID.

   Is this family ID in vhost_API_Reference?

3. can you add the language?

    such as Hebrew, Hindi, Punjabi, Ukrainian.

In the end, I am very sorry for a lot of questions

thank you for your reply.

and I know already about that from you.

but I can't download this video.

I need the video.

On this page, let me to be allowed to download the video.

How can I do it?

thanks, but reply is very slow and I don't know when it is.

sorry, but I think you are fast.

could you help me?

Thank you very much.

would I continue to ask continuously?

language:  Tagalog=====where can I find it's ID?

I am very sorry for disturbing you

1. In the sayText() function, what is the parameters' meaning?

2. I selected a male, but I can listen to a female's voice. what is the reason?

3. When I am building, I can show the "Site Pal "mark.

    Can I remove it or change it?

4. Can I read the text with any language? if it is possible, How can I do?

I am sorry for many questions