Your comments

I am testing.

Sorry, but I am going to embed my scene.

first of all, I select Jack demo as my scene and save it without the audio because I have to read the text from the webpage as your guide.

After I save it, I copied my publish URL and pasted it into the testing page.

and I wrote the script as Guide.

But I can't listen to my text, but I can listen to only welcome site pal voice.

What is the reason?

Here is my code:

AC_VHost_Embed(7491676,300,400,'',1,1, 2692664, 0,1,0,'e0c16950ca8e4c61971927996dccdcab',0);

function vh_sceneLoaded(){ //event function



function readfeed(){

sayText('This is my first text speech',3,1,3);

sayText('This is my second

text speech',3,1,3);


Click readfeed

Thank you very much.

I embedded my test Avatar.


And I have a problem asking you, too.

when avatar reads the text in website, how many characters can read using saytext() function?

Thank you,

I will check and will contact you again.

Thank you.

I made the page using wix for testing.

this is my url.

sorry,but please help me

Thank you.

And I have one question , too.

As you said,I uploaded several audio files on only one character.

How can I auto play continuously ?


Hello, Mr.Gil

sorry,but how can I auopaly ?