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The Platinum level is a huge step up in price just to get access to Server APIs. I doubt I could cost justify that much of an increase. If there were a step more expensive than Gold (but not 6x what Gold costs) that included the Server APIs it would be doable.

Platinum seems designed for folks with high volume and lots of websites. That's not us. Can we work out special pricing that includes the Server APIs but does not have the unlimited domains or unlimited streams?
Worked for me even prior to clearing the local browser cache.
I hear simply:


using the same browser as before.
Hi Gil,

I was able to create a simple reproduction case. I will email the HTML code since it seems I cannot post it here. This happens in IE10 with Shockwave Flash Object version 11.6.602.180. Note that this only happens for the specific voice used in the code. If I change the voice ID from 2 to 3, it works just fine.

I was able to use JavaScript with the "no-Javascript" version by loading vhost_embed_functions_v2.php. You may want to update the part of the Publishing wizard that states:

"Note that you cannot use Javascript functions to control a character you insert with this HTML only code."
It appears that the ability to dynamically script the scene, e.g. using sayText(), is lost using the ‘Web Page (No JavaScript)’ option. Is that accurate? That is an absolute requirement for our use case.

Ajax-based websites are common and becoming more common all the time. Do you have plans to support Ajax for the JS embed version in the future?
Is Internet access still required to play a scene embedded into PowerPoint?

Is the PowerPoint plug-in the only option to play the scene in PowerPoint, or are there other options?
I was able to create a minimal example that reproduces this behavior. I will email it to the support address.
I have sent the details.
The only pending Windows Updates were to Visio and Windows Defender. I applied them but no change. Also downloaded the current Flash installer for IE but it told me I already have a newer version (I have automatic updates on for Flash).

The error is in IE 10. Interestingly, I do not get the error in Chrome. However, in Chrome the [body] tag contents is completely replaced with your [object] tag. Note that I load code that includes the call to AC_VHost_Embed into part of the page using Ajax.