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Thanks Gil,

What i exactly need is, when i am sending request to sitepal via sayText function, if its down it should return a status. Does this API has something like this? Please let me know.

Thanks - Arin

Hello Gill,

I have one question. We recently faced that, sitepal went down sometimes due to some unexpected issues. So I was wondering if you have any way to notify or find out the reason and inform us? Reason I am asking this is, while sitepal went down, our application went down as well, and our users complain us. So we are thinking if it went down or our application unable to connect to sitepal, if your API has such capability to share the status. 

Please let me know.


We are looking forward to remove those buttons, please let us know once you make the changes

Thanks - Arin

Hello Gil,

We are finding this problem very often today .. please let us know whats the reason ... as its affecting our production 

Thanks Gill for your quick reply. Our main motto is to store recordings. So I was trying to get the bytes to create audio file from that. Is there any other way to get the audio?

Hello Gill,

I have one question, that, we are sending text and sitepal respond with speech. Is there anyway, we can receives bytes of that audio?

Please let me know

Thanks - Arin

Hi Gil,

Thanks for replying. We are not using safari anymore for windows. But thanks anyway.

On the other hand we are experiencing long delay.

For example

Please check this page

while we are using the following text, it is taking almost 7-8 seconds for avatar to start speaking, where as while we try the same in sitepal demo page, its less than 3 seconds. Could you please investigate and let us know why is this happening? As long delay is not expected for good user experience.

We are using the following sentence..


The SOR alleges in paragraph 1 that Applicant’s ties and travel to Iran raise foreign influence concerns. He admitted subparagraphs 1.a. through 1.c. The SOR alleges in paragraph


Let me know

Thanks - Arin