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Personally I have been waiting a good 3 years now for the dependency of sitepal on Flash to disappear and for SitePal to keep up to date with the modern Internet. We have a large percentage of mobile users and its getting to the point that using Sitepal has no value as few even see the character. All our characters implement dynamic text to speech by the way. I've on occasion checked in here on the site to see if there is any news and it is always the same.. 'soon, we are working on it'. Honestly, I get the impression we are being given false hope. My renewal comes up next month. Is it time to move on??

Thats your main form on the Contact Us page which I would think a lot of people would us?

Hi Gil,

Nope! As I mentioned above I received confirmations back from sitepal that my requests had been received. The automatic responses back came from as follows...

We have received your request for more information about SitePal. A company representative will be in touch very soon. Until then please feel free to browse our website at

For technical support, please use our Support Form or contact at to be assisted more promptly.

The Sitepal Team

Just noticed above that there is the word 'test' below the signature which is odd.
Both email responses Nov 11 and Jan 31 both have the same response text above.
Same problem here. My account came up for renewal in November and I filled out the contact sitepal sales Nov 22 and again Jan 31. Both times I received a confirmation email that they received my request and would get back to me. No response from either (nothing in my spam box either).

Will try once more today then if still no response then I guess I'll have to look elsewhere... what a shame.