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Maximum number of Audios reached.

John 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Jesse 6 years ago 2
I have received a message "you have reached the maximum number of audios for your account, please delete one to add one ". I am on a silver package. I cannot see where there is a restriction on the number of audios allowed, I am well within my audio streams allowance. thanks.
Jesse 6 years ago
Hi John,

You are absolutely right - there is no restriction on the number of audios you can create with your package. At the sane time, the system requires a numerical limit.

The number of audios you create is not related to your stream usage.

Please send a note to with your account info, and we'll be happy to increase the limit and allow you to create as many audios as you need.

The SitePal Team

Talking avatar as Facebook fan page profile pix

Becky Bear 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Jesse 6 years ago 1
Is it possible to have a talking avatar as the Facebook profile picture. (I notice on your fan page the avatar in the profile picture is static.
facebook avatar

Insert small pauses, change intonation?

jannr 5 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil 5 years ago 1
How can I insert small pauses to make text-to-speech more lifelike? I have started adding commas (in places that shouldn't have them) to force a tiny pause between words, but I want to be able to pause longer between paragraphs. Also, it would help to have a way to subtly raise the intonation of the stressed syllable at strategic points, for emphasis or in questions. I imagine that the second request could be difficult, but not the first (pauses). Any suggestions?
pauses intonation

I cannot log onto my site due to the program hangs up on "processing audio".

Richard Schauer 4 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil 4 years ago 1
I cant make changes due to "processing audio". It stays on until it times out. It looks like I am missing something. I would try to download the program again but I am not sure if it will wipe out my historical data.


Alex Pasechnik 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil 6 years ago 1
Can I use your product only as a TTS API? All I need is to send a text and receive it possible?
Gil 6 years ago
Alex -
Oddcast (SitePal's parrent company) provides a TTS API solution. Please send a note to for more information.
SitePal Team
Under review

"Background color change" option doesn't work with full body avatar

Franco 2 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Daniel 2 years ago 5

When you create a full body avatar, in "publish your scene" you have the option to change the background color, but it doesn't work. It works well with the "classic" avatar but not the "full body". It'd be great if you could fix that as I need it very badly. Thanks!


How to install Sitepal on a Joomla website

Jon Satterthwaite 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated 6 years ago 2

Text-to-speech widget

DanielB 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil 3 years ago 7
I've just signed up for a Silver account. Can I add a Text-to-speech widget to my website? How do I do that?

Upgraded to Silver, still unable to use TTS

Elizabeth Henson Ogle 6 years ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Jesse 6 years ago 3
I created a scene, and then had to upgrade to silver, which I did, returned to the scene to add the TTS and it still will not allow, still has a message above the model telling me that my package does not allow, please upgrade to silver.

I went to my account details, and it shows that I am indeed silver.

Is there a delay?
Under review

Your service is down today

info 2 weeks ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil Sideman 2 weeks ago 2


Your service and website are down today, please fix, thanks:

Best Regards,