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Hi Maria  - 

I would need more information to be able to understand the problem and advise.

Please send us a note to with your phone # and someone from our support team will call you and try to walk through together to understand the problem.


Hi Maria - 

Are you still experiencing this problem? 

If so - please send a note to with information from this site -

We will look into it and get back to you.


Hi Maria - 

We can't recreate the problem... 

In the past users who reported this problem were able to resolve by clearing their cache and cookies.

Please try.



Hello Maria - Glad to hear it.  

How was this addressed?  



Me doy cuenta de que esta respuesta ya no puede ser relevante para la persona que hace la pregunta - pero he notado esta pregunta en el foro ahora - y otros pueden encontrar interés. Para usar los avatares Voki sin conexión, usa la opción 'descargar' de la aplicación móvil Voki, que genera un vídeo.

Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que la licencia Voki le limita a un uso educativo. Para utilizar nuestros avatares de habla comercialmente, ya sea en línea o sin conexión, consulte nuestro producto SitePal.


I realize this response may no longer be relevant for the person asking the question - but I noticed this question on the forum now - and others may find interest. To use Voki avatars offline - use the 'download' option in the Voki mobile app, which generates a video. 
Please note however that the Voki license limits you to educational use. To use our speaking avatars commercially, whether online or offline, see our SitePal product. 

This seems to be a different issue.

Your code calls 'loadText' instead of using 'sayText' to invoke speech. 

loadText does not initiate speech.

I'm note sure why any audio is spoken. 

Please take a look at your code and see if you can spot the problem.

If you have specific questions - please shoot a note to

See our own sayText support example for reference -



We've temporarily replaced all affected voices with comparable voices earlier this morning.

About 1 hour ago the problem was resolved and all voices have been restored. 

Let me know if you still notice a problem of any kind.

We are on it - should have it corrected soon.