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Alex - 

We've assigned "z-index: 9999;" to our SitePal player so that it would not be hidden behind other HTML elements. 

You should be able to resolve by assigning a larger z-index to the dropdown.

We've verified this will work in your case - please see the following screenshots -

Hope this helps.



Hi data,

We are not aware of a problem at this time.

Thousands of customers and millions of end users use SitePal daily - if there was a general problem we would know.

What specifically is not working?  Please let me know and I will try to advise - or send a note to



Alex - we'll look into it and advise.



Hi Alex - 

Yes - that's correct. What you refer to as "Frames" and we call "Players" are being deprecated with the Flash player.

They will eventually be removed from the SitePal editor. 



Hello François - 

Yes you can call sayText repeatedly (in sequence) to speak a longer text.

Below are a couple of technical examples.

You may need to set the value of the "interrupt mode" to zero (OFF).

When Interrupt Mode is OFF, successive calls to sayText or sayAudio are queued for playback.

Hello François - 

We think the problem is a syntax issue in your code - you can't use double quotes within double quotes. Changing the internal quotes to single quotes, and escaping the lone apostrophe fixes the problem.

See this example, and click on "Click here to say something" -

Hope this helps,


I see the problem. If you assign the same text to a variable, and pass the variable, it works fine,

We're looking into it - will advise.