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It's 12:33 AM PST, and the problem is happening right now as expected.
Hi Gil. I create a new scene everyday. I notice, however, that the problem occurs on all scenes, not on any particular scene.
Silly Facebook corrupted the link I posted on the question above. Here's the shortened version:
It's now 12:45 AM PST, and my scenes are loading quickly again. So it really does look like a scheduled down time. It's a very long down time. To see the issue, you can go to my website ( on any day between 12:30 and 12:45 AM PST. Thanks again.
Hi Gil. It's currently 12:37 AM PST, and the problem is taking place as I write this. The scenes take about 30 to 45 seconds to load. Some scenes do not load at all. My biggest issue is that my company is an international business, and a lot of our website visitors come from Asia. It's afternoon time in Asia right now. If you can confirm this scheduled daily downtime, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise, maybe there's something wrong with my account. Thanks, Gil.
To overcome the issue, I had our Flash developer create a Flash movie from the SitePal scene and then convert the Flash movie into a movie that would play on Quicktime. It's definitely a lot of work. I appreciate that SitePal is working on this.