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See how we've integrated sitepal avatar in a virtual news channel (
Best vision in full screen!
Hi Gil,
I,ve just bought a Mini PC ACER Veriton N281G and I've the same problem with the page (voice and avatar are not synchronised).

It works with smaller avatar size. Is it normal that the behaviour changes with the size of the avatar?
What are the minimun PC requirements to suppurt avatar streaming in 960x720 format?
I know this function, but the problem is that you have to upload the image previously. It's not very flexible. As you have saytext function to say an external text, I'd appreciate to have LoadBackground function to load an extrenal image.....
Fine. I'd appreciate also new voices....
Hi Gil, is there a way to preload the scenes so that they are played without interruption (like when you use sayAudio)?
Thanks, but unfortunatelyI don't have any flash knowledge....
Another question. how can i play multiple scene inside FBML?