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Your refund were processed by our bank. Thanks much for your kind support!

Your refund was processed much earlier than I made a question about that here.

Your action and respond was very quick and I thank you very much for that and

your kind support. ^^
Dear Gil,

As you asked me to do, I sent below mail to to check if what is happening to the refund invoices. But there was no reply from your support team to this mail. My one-year platinum gold package was doubled paid by my credit card, and your invoice said that refund was made 1 week ago. But, my card company still say that I have to pay all the purchase. Please check if the refund invoice was properly issued on your accounting team. Or let them send me a related mail regarding the refund.


I am a Platinum Gold user.

My payment for the package was double paid and you issued refund invoices a few days ago. Please check if those invoices (# 538633, # 538634, # 538635) are in process or not. They are all refund invoices. My card company's record shows that I still have to pay for them. I think 7 days have passed away since those refund invoices were issued from your side. Please let me know what is going on the refund invoices and forward it to Gil, so that he can send me by email screen shots of the refund from your paypal account.

Looking forward to hearing from your soon.

Winstone Choi
Thanks for your reply. Now I can make a access to our webpage as before. Thanks.
I sent a mail to the address which you gave me. Thanks for your support.
Okay, I had better wait for some more days. In case that the refund is not processed, I will contact you later. Thanks much anyway~
Thanks for your kind support!

Today, I got a message from my card company that shows my double payment for the VOKIE product. I was worried and came to Sidepal and found out that you had already given a correction to my payment. Thanks much again~ ^^
The other day, I made a question on Highlight functionality and you gave me an answer. But your answer just led me to "scrolling functionality." What I want is not scrolling, but highlightening of the text which are being read by the TTS. Please see the link site for your reference.

If you click the speaker icon shown on the left upper corner, the texts will be highlighted while TTS read them.

If your TTS can privide this funtionality, please kindly let me know how to implement on our webpage.


please reply to