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I have a german speaking avatar, but there are of course many english proper names, that are not spoken correctly by my avatar. Take the example "facebook", it is spoken german by the avatar and that sounds not good and makes no sense. Can i switch for some words to english speaking?



Gil Sideman 1 year ago

Hi Helmut -

Yes - it is possible to switch voices in mid-speech, including from one language to another.

You can use SSML tags to do so - as per the following example.

Please try the following example & adapt it for your needs - select voice "Julie" in the sitepal editor - and paste this text in -

I can change my voice while I speak! <voice Name="Bridget">A posh accent if you please</voice>! or speak in a different language! <voice Name="Violeta"> 1 2 3 4 Cinco de mayo </voice>

The above example uses only voices from engine 3 (Julie, Bridget, Violeta). Note that you must use voices from the same "engine" and that only voices from engines 2 and 3 support this functionality. You can find the list of voices per engine in the API Reference document (see appendix)

Hope this helps,


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Vladimir Zharinov 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Sumit B 2 years ago 1
I do not see that support answer my questions or do support. Is that normal behavior or I miss smth?
François 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Sumit B 2 years ago 2


I would like to know what HTML code enter: a mobile avatar must execute the text to speech at the opening of the page (without any link like " SAYTEXT")

thanks in advance

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Dom 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 1

We are an educational Gold license user for several years and would like to renew our license with educational discount like previous years. We've been sending emails to Blake Grannell (Director of Sales), and support for weeks and still got no reply. Anything wrong with SitePal / OddCast?

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rss feed
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Terence A Bryan 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 6
Test this link out for yourself:
click only when you have lots of free time
Every test that I have tried results in the same never ending preview screen. I have done all the standard things, tried different pcs and browsers.
A complete waste of a 2 week trial
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tony jackson 2 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 3

We are using full body avatar in a couple of places on our site and in one place we'd like it to be quite small, circa 220px high. This works fine in Flash mode but fails in HTML5 mode. The body part fails to display and all you can see is the moving mouth. See result here:

This one doesn't work

This one works

Both pages are exactly the same except for the dimensions.

I've tried to see if there's a way to force it smaller. The only thing I've found is quirky. The HTML version is drawn on a canvas with width and height dimensions. However, if you add CSS style of height:220px, (using inspector) then it works properly, it scales down. The problem is that the canvas is generated on the fly using the JS code within an iframe and I can't work out how I can apply the style permanently.

This would be a hack because I'd then have to call different dimensions specifically for non-flash and then scale it down using this CSS hack. Not ideal.

Is there any way that you can get a better way of scaling the HTML5 version below 331px ?



Vladimir Zharinov 1 year ago in SitePal Gold 0

Hi, Does AI support Cyrillic letters for questions? I tried and failed AI to ask question in Cyrillic. Why?