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I am not sure. Mobile programming is not our primary expertise. I will ask around. 

See if you can find a workaround - it should be possible for the app to make this work.

I'm glad to hear it - thanks again for your helpful feedback which prompted this change.



Hi Bjorn -

I see your test page working as intended on my mobile device.

Please try clearing the browser cache on your device. If you still see the problem after clearing the cache, we will look into it further. 

Let me know,


Hi Bjorn - 

We have made a couple of changes to playback behavior on mobile devices - 

1. play button is now always visible - no need to touch the character.

2. when you click/touch the play button, audio should play. A further (second) click is not necessary.

No changes were made to behavior within desktop browsers.

Please take a look.

Regarding your points noted above - 

A. Your referring to using a web-view within a native code app. I believe that under those circumstances the app is free from browser constraints and can do as it pleases.

B. That's right - in the example you provided, these are different pages. In each page (not domain) the browser enforces this restriction. Not our choice - and the issue is not specific to SitePal.

C. As noted - this has been resolved. Suggest you clear the mobile browser cache before trying again.

Hope this helps - would love to hear your feedback.



Hello Bjorn - 

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback. It is very much appreciated.

I'd like to comment on each point - 

1. Autoplay 

When you refer to Facebook - you mean the facebook app. An app can do as it likes, and is not subject to browser restrictions. Try loading in your mobile browser.

See this link for some more infomation.

Although iOS10 has relaxed the restriction, and it is now possible for HTML5 to auto-play video within the Safari browser - but it may only play a video that does not contain audio. This unfortunately does not apply to our case - and in any case is not at all relevant to Android.

Question #1 - you may want to do so, to call attention to your SitePal character, but it is not strictly necessary - because the character comes with a built in play button. When the user touches it, the play button will become visible.

Question #2 - yes use 'replay(1)'  - try this example -

Question #3 - pressing the button/link repeatedly should not be needed. Not sure what happened. Just tried it myself and it worked fine the first time. Try this example -


I see the problem. I've referred it to engineering - we'll look into it asap.

Question #4 - I've passed this on. I think it makes sense to have the play button always visible on mobile.

I'll post an update here asap.



Hi Jeremy - 

This is curious. Please send a note to and we will look into it and clear this up. 



Joseph - 

issues have been resolved earlier this afternoon.