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Hello Bonnie!

We provide (free) Phone support for Gold and Platinum plans. When eligible customers login to their account, the support phone number is displayed at top right, under the menu bar.

Phone support is available from 9am to 6pm US EST.

We also provide all customers with (free) email support - which they can access from the SitePal site support page contact form, or by sending an email to  Both reach our support team.

We usually respond on the same workday - however, depending on when a message arrives, and our support load, it may be answered the next day.

Officially - we are committed to respond within 2 working days. Unofficially, most queries are answered on the same day, and urgent issues responded to over the weekend - as our support staff monitors incoming tickets over the weekend.

In addition - you have this forum, which, though not an official support vehicle, can hopefully be helpful.

Please let me know how I might advise or assist.



The SitePal Team


I assume you mean ElfYourself.

(Elf on a Shelf is a different brand altogether)

If you made your purchase in the ElfYourself website - 

please send an email to elfyourself@oddcast,com

If you made your purchase in the ElfYourself mobile app - 

please send an email to

And our team will help you out.




If you wrote to support I'm sure they've received your messages and will take care of it as soon as possible.

The best way to contact support is to go to SitePal support page, and select "contact" tab to use our contact form.

Apologies for any delay in response. 

Just to let you know - you may deactivate the account yourself - 

- login to your SitePal account

- select "Account Info" from main menu bar 

- choose "Deactivate Account"

Hope this helps!


The SitePal Team


I misunderstood your question before - you were referring to the "follow cursor" feature.

I looked at your page again - tried in Chrome and Firefox - I see that follow cursor is working.

I do see a slight bug with this 3D generated character, where the horizontal centerpoint of vision is to the right of the face. (should be in the center of the face). 

As a result - you need to move the cursor further to the right to see the face react. Please try it.

We will work on fixing and addressing this issue in the coming weeks.

Due to other priorities this will not be an immediate fix I'm afraid - but it will be fixed.

Best regards,



You can see the use of vh_sceneLoaded() in most of our API examples.

This may be a good one to look at -

Other useful API examples can be found here -

Hope this helps,