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Sahil - 
You would need to create 100,000 Scenes and assign the audio to each of them. Then Embed those scenes in the page dynamically.
It is a roundabout way to do it, and not ideal - but it is doable using our Server API.
The Server API (available to Platinum account) allows you to create Scenes, create TTS audio, assign audio to Scenes, and grab the embed code for a selected Scenes. You can accomplish all that via the API.
Your other option is to wait a bit and use our new and about to be launched full body characters. Those characters will  fully support our API on mobile. 
Hope this helps,
1. Yes!
it is indeed the code you should add
( note that this forum filtered out certain characters so be careful to copy the code again from the original - not from here ) 

The parameters 1, 1, 3 refer to "Voice ID", "Language ID" and "Engine ID" respectively.

You can see a detailed description of the parameters as well as a list of the available voices, languages and engines, in our API reference -" rel="nofollow" href="">

Check out: "sayText" - on p. 9  & "Appendix B" on p. 28

Although the code segment can go pretty much anywhere in the BODY section of your page - it might be simplest immediately after your (first) BODY tag. Search for the word BODY in your HTML page (This tag should appear twice, to open and close the body section)
Open a new line right after the first BODY tag, and paste in the code there.

Hope this helps,
Carolina - 

Yes, you can do that using our API functionality. 
It is not difficult, but requires basic programming knowledge.

A couple of technical examples are available in our support section -">

Click on "view the source of this page" at the bottom to see the HTML code.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
Just checked with support - a couple of message bounced for some reason... they're trying again. 

About the rendering problem -  I looked at the link you included above and I do not see a problem.
The Scene is displayed and the character speaks.

Is that not what you see?
Hi Tony - 
I understand you are now in contact with support - I would not want to duplicate their efforts here. Let me know if you are not getting helped and I will try and assist further.
Regarding the full body - no I do not mean a year, more like weeks.
The new character will be launched with full support for desktop and mobile from day one.
Hope this helps
Hi Tony - 
Incoming support emails can sometimes get caught up in spam filters - despite best efforts
We will look into to understand what happened.

Yes - the site was down for about an hour last night around 9pm EST- due to a maintenance update gone wrong.
Apologies for any inconvenience - this does not normally happen...

Issues - 
* rending issues with tags in TTS? can you be more specific?
* Support number - it is available 9am to 6pm EST on weekdays - in what way is it non-functional? I'd like to look into it.
* Full body version for mobile browsers is close to being released.

Glad to hear it.
Sitepal is used on many thousands of web sites and we have no report of it being responsible for crashing the web browser.Please let me know if you encounter further problems.
Hi Aleksandra -
Can you please post a link to the page in which this problem can be reviewed?
We'll take a look at your page and try to advise as best we can.
SitePal Team
Hi Winstone -

I assume you are using our TTS API.

The API does not function on mobile at present. We are working on a new set of characters that will support dynamic API calls on mobile devices. This update will be available soon.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.
Hi Winstone -

I responded to your email (yesterday) and sent you a record of our refund transaction from June 24.

As mentioned previously I wish there was more we could do. The refund was issued and concluded on our end - and it is now up to your bank to issue the refund to your account, which I hope will be forthcoming any moment.