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When a visitor comes to your site, they hear the message that you have assigned to your avatar. Some users may visit your site more than once, and you may not want these repeat visitors to hear the same message every time. One great way to add more variety, and to keep them engaged, is to assign multiple audio messages to your SitePal scene.

Many SitePal users aren’t aware that, with SitePal, you can easily assign multiple (up to 20) audio messages to each SitePal scene. For example, if you assign 3 audio messages to a scene, your avatar will randomly select one (1) of those messages to say.

Selecting multiple audio messages requires no API knowledge or “special powers” of any kind. It’s easy and quick to set up and can do wonders for your website! Here’s all you need to do:

1. After logging in to your account and selecting the scene you'd like to edit, open the scene editor and select Step #4 (Audios)

2. Choose which audio messages you'd like you'd like this Site avatar to speak. For example, if this scene is on a "contact us" page, the audio messages may all be about how to contact you through that page.

Note: If you don't have all of the audios ready yet, take a moment to plan. Decide which messages are best for the page, and then create them (using any of the 5 methods SitePal offers). Once those audios are created and saved, you'll be able to select them.

Tip: When saving the audio messages, you may want to give them an easy to remember name, such as "contact us 1", "contact us 2", "contact us 3".

3. While still in the Audios step, choose the "Saved" tab (the first tab, to the left of "TTS") and then check the box next for "Select Multiple Audios."

4. Now, select your audios. Simply click once on each of the audios that you would like this character to say (this will only work if "Select Multiple Audios" is selected). To un-select a message, click on it a second time. When finished, click Save Scene.

Finally, embed your scene like you normally would.

That's it! You've just made your site more interactive! Now, when people visit your site, they won't always here the same message, which means they'll remain engaged longer!
Sure, here's the SitePal introduction movie:

Hi Katie,

For pre-2010 versions of PowerPoint, you can insert your SitePal scene with the help of our PowerPoint plug-in. You can find the instructions on how to get started here:
Yes, very easily. When logged in and viewing your list of scenes, click the “scene options” icon (gear) next to the scene. Simply uncheck the “play on load” option and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the window and the scene should automatically update.
We have two paths for recording audio by phone:

1. Online: Within the scene editor (the Audio step), select the Phone option and keep this open while you place your call. The on-screen window will follow your progress. Once your call is finished, you need to name the file and click the on-screen “Save” button.

2. Offline: Print the phone instructions from the scene editor, log out of your account and wait 5 minutes. You will be prompted for Scene ID so that we know what scene to assign the audio to.
Yes! The AI bot recognizes a user's name if the user says: "my name is (name)."

You can program the character to start by asking: "What is your name?" If the user then answers as above it will work fine. To set up an initial audio for the character to speak, simply create and assign that audio to the Scene.
Hi Jason,

To remove the SitePal logo from the SitePal loader (what shows up when a scene is loading), simply log in and go to: Account Info >> Account Settings >> Loader Settings >> Remove Loader Branding.

Please note that this feature is available from the Gold package and higher.
Yes! To get AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) data sets, visit ALICE, our AI partner.
The SitePal system requires that all users upgrade to flash 9.0 r115 or higher. For those who have an older version of Flash (less than 1% of visitors), SitePal displays a discrete "upgrade your flash" message & link in the space allocated for the character. This should in no way change or disrupt the appearance of a page.

At SitePal we have consciously stayed “behind” the curve, requiring a new version of Flash only AFTER it is entirely embraced by the market. For Flash player adoption stats and to learn more about version penetration, click here .
SitePal scenes do support time sensitive greetings. Here is an example. For a detailed description of this feature, see our Text-to-Speeck API reference.