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Sitepal Avatar on Tomcat Server is not working properly

Hamed 5 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated 5 years ago 2

I faced with a problem when I want to deploy my web application on a server.
I build a web app that embedded the sitepal avatar. I test it on my local host and it works properly. But when I deploy it on a server and I run it from another machine, the avatar is not working. Actually the avatar loads properly but it does not say anything when I call the sayAIResponse("Text",3,1,3); function.

Any Idea?


Collecting data via interaction

Jared 5 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil 5 years ago 1
Can I collect more extensive info using SitePal? (More extensive than the lead generator) for example, a credit application?
Gil 5 years ago
Jaren -
The way to do that would be to implement your own HTML form & embed the SitePal Scene on the page.
This would allow you to customize the form and fields per your needs, while still using your SitePal character to drive customer interaction.
Hope this helps,
SitePal Team

Scene slow loading time

Jerome Sarmiento 5 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil 5 years ago 1
Hello, my SitePal scenes take a very long time about 15 to 20 seconds, But I have seen some sample on your website, and they are loading less than 10 seconds. any suggestions to speed it up?

In AIMC, can I create more than one bot with different names and response topics?

gianlombard 6 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil 6 years ago 1
I have created an (Avatar Bot) successfully within my AIMC account. I have given the Avator Bot a specific name as well as added a few new base properties. The Avator bot does respond to the question about what his new name and other topics correctly. (So far so good)!

I would now like to create a second Avator bot with a different name and some new base properties that will be different from the first Avator bot I previously created. My question is; How do I create a second avatar bot so as it will have a separate identity than the first Avator bot I had previously created. (Basically, can I have more than one avator bot in my account with different names,responses...)? An example would be: One Avatar named Tom answering questions I have programed and also have a different Avatar named Jane on a different webpage responding to a different set of questions I have programed. Also, within the AIMC base properties section there is tab on the bottom of the page for (WEBSITE) the default website listed is I would like to know if this should be left alone or should I be typing in the Web URL of where I will be installing the Avatar Bot.

Thank you,

platinum creating bots bot base properties avatar bots aimc
Gil 6 years ago
Anthony -

Yes editing and using multiple AIMC "bots" is supported - but is enabled by default only for Avatar Studio accounts (the more professional version of SitePal)

Please send us your account details in an email to - and let me check if we can enable this feature for your account.

Regarding the "Website" property - this is an attribute of the bot that is available for you to set. The bot will refer to it in response if asked about his/her website. This is just like setting the bot's name or girlfriend etc.

Hope this helps,

How long does it to process a refund invoice to work?

Winstone Choi 4 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated 4 years ago 2
The internet banking system for my credit card company still shows that I should pay for thoses mistakenly purchased invoices (538579,538580,538581) which were cancelled on your part. My account information shows that your published refund invoices for them (respectively 538635, 538634, 538633). Because the total amoun is not small, I am worried about if the cancellation for the invoices are on the process. Please let me know if you are properly working on them. Thanks for your kind support in advance!

"Unlimited" streams

François 4 months ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 3 months ago 3


For years I've perfected a text-to-speech solution for use with unlimited streams (Platinum formula).
I just realized that in your general conditions you mention:
"The SitePal product online supports up to 5 competitor end users at any given time."
This limitation does not appear, unless I am mistaken, in your web page
This limitation clearly makes all my projects impossible to market and use.
So far a great loss of time and money.

For example, I have a large university that would like to incorporate text-to-speech into its training web pages.
It has 1,000 students so 1,000 potential simultaneous users while you limit simultaneous streams to 5!
You will easily understand that they will never be able to subscribe to a Platinum formula ($ 2500 per year).
And I can not offer them my own tools.
This kind of limitation existed technically a few years ago but today, with the dedicated cloud, the virtual machines that just need to be duplicated, the load balancing and flows to the Internet for example of 1.5 Gbps, these limits are they technically justified?
You should offer your customers a Platinum + formula with a number of simultaneous streams that is a multiple of a thousand (5,000 or 10,000) or streams in batches at a competitive price but for simulated streams for example of 5,000 or 10,000
Looking forward to reading you




Depuis des années je perfectionne une solution de text-to-speech en vue d'une utilisation avec des streams illimités (formule Platinum).

Hors je viens de me rendre compte que dans vos conditions générales vous mentionnez:

" The SitePal Product purchased online supports up to 5 concurrent end users at any given time."

Cette limitation ne figure pas, sauf erreur de ma part, dans votre page Web

Cette limitation rend clairement tous mes projets impossibles à commercialiser et à utiliser.

Donc à ce jour une grande perte de temps et d'argent.

Par exemple j'ai une grande université qui souhaiterait intégrer le text-to-speech dans ses pages Web de formation.

Elle compte 1.000 étudiants donc 1.000 utilisateurs potentiels simultanés alors que vous limitez les streams simultanés à 5 !

Vous comprendrez aisément qu'ils ne pourront jamais s'abonner à une formule Platinum (2500$ par an).

Et moi, je ne peux pas leur proposer mes propres outils.

Ce genre de limitation existaient techniquement il y a quelques années mais aujourd'hui, avec le cloud dédié, les machines virtuelles qu'il suffit de dupliquer, le load balancing et des flux vers Internet par exemple de 1,5 Gbps, ces limites sont-elles techniquement justifiées?

Il faudrait proposer à vos clients une formule Platinum + avec un nombre de streams simultanés qui soit un multiple du millier (5.000 ou 10.000) ou proposer des streams payants par lots à un tarif compétitif mais pour des streams simutanés par exemple de 5.000 ou 10.000

Dans l'attente de vous lire



Under review

pronucnciation control for TTS

joewalsh 9 months ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 9 months ago 1

I need to precisely control pronunciation since I am building a language learning app. For instance, for "either" E ther vs. EYE ther.

Using the API or client side Javascript, can I send IPA characters or the Darpa phonemes? If not, is there a way of controlling pronunciation by using specific made up words like ee ack ?


I need my export video option activated.

Cindy71 12 months ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 7 months ago 9

I am a platinum member and I've requested my video option be activated to finish a presentation for Monday. I understand I'm suppose to have phone support for platinum but I can't find a number. Please resolve asap. I'm on hold until this is done

Under review

Avatar Framework Integration

elad.karakuli 1 year ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 1


I would like to integrate a client editor in our demo site,

is it possible to use the Avatar Framework Integration?

If so, how can I get the product ID specified in the API?



Under review

Internet Explorer Browser Problem!

이현철 2 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 18

hi~ i'm platinum gold user.

TTS does not work.

For example,


Windows 7, XP , Internet Explorer 9 ==> TTS does not work.

Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11.4 ==> TTS work.

Today we suffered these symptoms.

Our customers are experiencing discomfort.

Please solve quickly.