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Issues with Avatar playing correct audio when viewed on an iPad

ellenvines 5 years ago • updated by Gil 5 years ago 13
I am having an issue with the avatars when it is viewed on an iPad. I embed the code on my web page and when I view it on the desktop it plays the correct avatar and audio but when I look at it on an iPad it plays a totally different avatar and audio. Any ideas?

Here is a sample of my page below if you want to compare it on a computer vs. iPad. The avatar is at the bottom of the page.

Can't preview or publish - email option

Jo Williams 5 years ago • updated by Gil 5 years ago 1
The preview and send buttons on the publish page (email option) don't seem to work. They turn orange when I click on them but don't do anything. If I move my cursor off they go back to grey. Can anyone help? Thanks

No Inteligence?

mike dawson 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2
My AI character works perfect in test on site pal. Once embedded there is no verbal response even though he is visible and moving?

is it me?

i am trying to record a message by phone and after i punch in my account id and pin number the phone disconnects or says invalid account

mike elchert 5 years ago • updated by Gil 4 years ago 2
i am trying to record a message by phone and after i punch in my account id and pin number the phone disconnects or says invalid account

Help creating dissertation material

Kyle Wright 4 years ago • updated by Sumit 4 years ago 1
I am working on my creating instructional content for my dissertation. I have recorded a real life tutor session, and I would like to create an copy using agents and the audio from the video recording. Can you have agents interact with each other? What do you think would be the best way to go about designing the agent tutoring session.

SitePal Intro Movie

Eva 7 years ago in SitePal Studio • updated 7 years ago 1
Is there an intro movie to SitePal we can see? I'd like to see an overview of SitePal features.
intro faq
Eva 7 years ago
Sure, here's the SitePal introduction movie:


Text-to-speech audio is not stopping when the avatar is closed

psmith 5 years ago in SitePal Gold 0
I have one web page with a div containing a SitePal scene and several other informational divs.This is all presented on top of a main page, immediately after a user logs in to the site. In IE and Chrome, closing that main div hides the animated avatar as expected and also stops the audio feed. In Firefox, the audio feed continues. Other locations on the site don't seem to have this browser-dependent behavioral difference. Anything special I should be doing to forcibly stop the audio?
stream text to speech audio

avatars not loading on my website.

Sorte` 6 years ago • updated by Jesse 6 years ago 1
I have 4 Avatars at my website. None of them are loading. So I have no working avatars at my website. I have a gold membership.

Can't get anyone to respond

Laureen Ulloa 6 years ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil 5 years ago 20
My company is very interested in your product, but I can't seem to get anyone from the sales or support team to return my emails or calls. Now, I've been charged for the product and don't want to buy it, but I can't get you to refund my money or even respond to my email. It really is a huge shame, because you have a great product - just not the support to back it up. If someone could please respond to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Laureen Ulloa
Gil 6 years ago
Dany, Eric -
I looked into it, here's what I found.

Eric -
You sent a note to our Sales on June 23rd. That note was missed - and I do apologize. We do not have a record of any note sent to Support, or any other note from you since June 23rd.
Please let me know how we can help - it will be my pleasure to try to assist.
btw - Sales communication was moved to a new ticketing system last week - as a direct result of your problem report above.

Dany -
We have a record of 10 tickets over some months. Of these 10 tickets, 7 were responded to within 2 days (per our support policy) - in most of cases within a few hours. The three other cases took 3 or 4 days to respond. I looked into each case, and in all of them the delay was due to the need to investigate and refer the issue to engineering for clarification.
I instructed Support to advise the client in such cases that the ticket is being looked at and provide an ETA. I do apologize for not having done so.
Also - kindly allow for the time difference (Korea vs NY) - even in best case scenario you should expect several hours delay.
Regarding your current open ticket - support is looking into it & will advise shortly if not already done so..

BTW - Laureen's case (above in this thread) has been taken offline to a direct discussion between her & me.

Bottom line - we are here & we want to help!
( Eric - please send us another note to - or let me know in this forum how I can help or how to contact you directly )

SitePal Team

Sitepal is not working on Internet Explorer 9

Wesley 7 years ago in SitePal Gold • updated by lifetronic.ruggeri 7 years ago 7
Sitepal is not working on Internet Explorer 9. We are using text to speech with cold fusion and Javascript

Here is an example of the code

internet explorer 9