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Your service is down today

info 2 months ago in SitePal Silver • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 2


Your service and website are down today, please fix, thanks:

Best Regards,



"Unlimited" streams

François 3 months ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 3


For years I've perfected a text-to-speech solution for use with unlimited streams (Platinum formula).
I just realized that in your general conditions you mention:
"The SitePal product online supports up to 5 competitor end users at any given time."
This limitation does not appear, unless I am mistaken, in your web page
This limitation clearly makes all my projects impossible to market and use.
So far a great loss of time and money.

For example, I have a large university that would like to incorporate text-to-speech into its training web pages.
It has 1,000 students so 1,000 potential simultaneous users while you limit simultaneous streams to 5!
You will easily understand that they will never be able to subscribe to a Platinum formula ($ 2500 per year).
And I can not offer them my own tools.
This kind of limitation existed technically a few years ago but today, with the dedicated cloud, the virtual machines that just need to be duplicated, the load balancing and flows to the Internet for example of 1.5 Gbps, these limits are they technically justified?
You should offer your customers a Platinum + formula with a number of simultaneous streams that is a multiple of a thousand (5,000 or 10,000) or streams in batches at a competitive price but for simulated streams for example of 5,000 or 10,000
Looking forward to reading you




Depuis des années je perfectionne une solution de text-to-speech en vue d'une utilisation avec des streams illimités (formule Platinum).

Hors je viens de me rendre compte que dans vos conditions générales vous mentionnez:

" The SitePal Product purchased online supports up to 5 concurrent end users at any given time."

Cette limitation ne figure pas, sauf erreur de ma part, dans votre page Web

Cette limitation rend clairement tous mes projets impossibles à commercialiser et à utiliser.

Donc à ce jour une grande perte de temps et d'argent.

Par exemple j'ai une grande université qui souhaiterait intégrer le text-to-speech dans ses pages Web de formation.

Elle compte 1.000 étudiants donc 1.000 utilisateurs potentiels simultanés alors que vous limitez les streams simultanés à 5 !

Vous comprendrez aisément qu'ils ne pourront jamais s'abonner à une formule Platinum (2500$ par an).

Et moi, je ne peux pas leur proposer mes propres outils.

Ce genre de limitation existaient techniquement il y a quelques années mais aujourd'hui, avec le cloud dédié, les machines virtuelles qu'il suffit de dupliquer, le load balancing et des flux vers Internet par exemple de 1,5 Gbps, ces limites sont-elles techniquement justifiées?

Il faudrait proposer à vos clients une formule Platinum + avec un nombre de streams simultanés qui soit un multiple du millier (5.000 ou 10.000) ou proposer des streams payants par lots à un tarif compétitif mais pour des streams simutanés par exemple de 5.000 ou 10.000

Dans l'attente de vous lire




noting is working

data 3 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 2

can someone help nothing is working

Not a bug

HTML5 and Bootstrap Dropdown Menu Layering Issue

Alex 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 5

Hi, all.

I have a sample published here:

The page uses the Bootstrap toolkit. If you click on the dropdown menu in the menubar, you'll notice that it falls behind the avatar. It doesn't do this with the Flash version. Is it possible to alter the layering somehow so that the SitePal player is lower on the z-axis?

The above sample uses the current version of Bootstrap 4.0, which technically is still in beta. This issue also appears in the most recent production version of Bootstrap, version 3.3.7:

Thanks much!

--Alex.  :-)

Gil Sideman 3 months ago

Alex - 

We've assigned "z-index: 9999;" to our SitePal player so that it would not be hidden behind other HTML elements. 

You should be able to resolve by assigning a larger z-index to the dropdown.

We've verified this will work in your case - please see the following screenshots -

Hope this helps.



Not a bug

HTML5 Avatars and Player Frames

Alex 3 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 3

Hi, all.

I have a sample available here:

This particular scene is supposed to have a frame (or skin) at the bottom of the player:

Are frames only rendered in the Flash version?


--Alex.  :-)

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Text to speech with sayText() and the apostrophe character ' (reserved?)

François 8 months ago • updated 4 months ago 16
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pronucnciation control for TTS

joewalsh 8 months ago in SitePal Platinum • updated by Gil Sideman 8 months ago 1
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Superposition of fields

François 9 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 9 months ago 4
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Registration Issue

hogan4600 11 months ago • updated 11 months ago 4
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download your content to upload where you want it.

Deanna 1 year ago in SitePal Studio • updated by Gil Sideman 11 months ago 3